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Talk To Frank

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"Hey Frank- My name's Gerard."

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Dear Anthony,

Should I just spend this letter explaining how utterly jealous your letter completely made you seem, so you'll deny it and start us arguing?

Eh, I think I'll spend it gloating, instead.

I was just wandering around the front of the school this morning, waiting for the doors to be unlocked, and I heard this group of boys talking. I'd never seen them before, but I heard them mention Frank- Anthony, man, don't roll your eyes… I know you'll never really understand what I'm talking about because you'll probably never realize how hot he is- so I sort of tuned in, although I didn't join the conversation.

Ha, ha. He's gay. Take that, Anthony. Stop whining about that message. You won't need to be delivering anymore. I ROCK. I so rock. Frankie's mine.




Dear Gerard,

Er, great, I guess. What are you going to do now? Can you be sure about this? Maybe those people were wrong. Rumors? I guess there's only one way to find out, and that's to talk to him… But I don't think you should. I could deliver another message for you… talking to him probably wouldn't be good. You know?

Best regards,



Dear Anthony,

No, I don't know, actually. What's your problem? If you're not jealous, why are you so against Frank? You're jealous, you have to be. You couldn't possibly care this much about my grades. Why should you? What the hell are you plotting? (Yes, I said 'plotting'. Yes, I am being paranoid again. Yes, I have serious issues. Shut up.)

I did talk to him. Want to know how it went? Eh, you probably don't, but I'll tell you anyway.

I tried to get his attention before class, but he just kind of stared at me and quickly started studying. I said, "Hey, are you Frank?"

He answered, "…Yes." He glanced over at me.

Conversational, weren't we? The only reason I didn't say anything else was because the teacher came in and immediately started the lecture, so I passed him a note instead.




Hey Frank-
My name's Gerard.


Yeah, I know. I think I've heard your name before.

People talk about me. I don't really care… do you?

That you're gay? No. Actually, I sort of am, too.

I thought so… We ought to hang out more often.

Sure, that might be cool.

I just took a shower.


I'm tired.

Oh my god I can't wait for...oh I can't tell you :c

you gotta wait.

I love you.
You're looking sexy today.
Did you do something to your hair?

Omg I'm too tired. Nightynight babes.


lol I just thought of Dally from the Outsiders saying "How can I tell you're a natural redhead? Your..." and he starts looking down and then immediately is all like "EYEBROWS?!" omg I started laughing for reals.
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