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You are obsessed with Bands and Dan and Phil if..

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:) I've done some of these,but not all.

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Right,now as I know you guys are obsessed with bands (don't lie,you are) and youtubers (looks at you Becca) I decided to do a checklist.Some I've done myself,others I haven't and wish to do.
Let's begin.

You Are Obsessed With Bands If

You are by the beach and begin singing roger rabbit (haven't done,want to do)

You can do the moves to Helena (can do.)

You watch the BVB video In The End and instantly think "BATMAN" (not done.)

You hear Sempiternal as Sandpit Turtle (done.)

You say goodnight to every band poster you own (done,and still do.)

You get goosebumps when you hear the beginning chords of Welcome To The Black Parade (done,and I can play it too)

You wonder what band members are doing,as you read this (done.)

You wish the Teenagers video was filmed in your school (done.)

You want to know,what Gerard just wants to do. (done.)

You cried when Mikey died in the Ghost Of You video (not done.)

You cried when Gerard and the rest of MCR died in the Sing video (not done.)

You have written a mothers day/fathers day or valentines day card with lyrics to a song by your fave band (DONE.)

You look at band members with their wives and wish that was you (don't lie,we've all done it before)

You've seen every single music video and heard every single song by them. (done.)

You've seen their film more than once and cried. (done.)

You defend that band when people call them emo or gay. (not done,but I will.)

You have a band member of that band as your screensaver / wallpaper (mhm.Kellin Quinn,for the ps3 and my phone)

You cried when FOB went on hiatus (not done.)

You stare at a picture on your phone / magazine (Kerrang! or Rocksound or NME) because your fave band member is on there (done.)

You make art / DT or Textile projects related to that band (YEAH.)

You sing along to every single on of their songs,and listen to them more than once every day (done)

You want to live like a king someday (not done,but I do.)

You think things are better if you stay (not done.)

You listen to one of their songs at night to help you sleep (done)

Youhave dates with your posters because that band member is your imaginary boyfriend (done)

You print out pictures of them at school / work (done.)

You hear one of their songs on TV and turn up the volume (done.)

You have driven around in a van,with your homeboys Sleeping With Sirens (if you've ever done this,be my best friend.)

You celebrate your anniversary of becoming a fan of the band (DOING NOW.IT'S BEEN A MONTH SINCE I BECAME A FAN OF SWS TODAY,AND IN FOUR DAYS I WOULDA BEEN A FAN OF MCR FOR 8 MONTHS.)

You Are Obsessed With Dan and Phil if..

A self checkout tells you to put the item in the bagging area and you scream "IT'S IN THE MOTHERFUCKING BAGGING AREA" (not done,but want to see that)

You have seen all their videos (not done)

You listened to trouble on radio one last sunday and did the goat noise with Dan (nope.)

You love muse too. (I don't mind muse actually.)

You draw cat whiskers on you,and are wearing them right now (I'm not,but I know you guys are..)

You stalk their ask account (me,I do that.)

You have pictures of them on your wall.

You play skyrim too. (

You tried to find the website "" (who's done this?)

You have a llama hat.

You have seen the video 'How To Speak Internet' and have found it 'edutaining'. (mhm.I have)

You are waiting patiently for their next video (yep.)

That is all I can think of at this minute.

I've done most of these,and if you have anymore,please share them :)

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