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In a pissy mood.

For two reasons.


In drama today,a boy named Tyler made fun of emos.He used the action of slitting wrists.
I nearly walked out of the classroom,because I can't handle it.
It was that bad,how people think of emos that way.


All the chapters of Would You Please Stay And Please Be Mine have been rated down.
I worked hard on them.
It pissed me off,but I will continue.

I'mma continue because:

a) Sleeping With Sirens is my favourite band,second to My Chem.

b) I like writing this fic,different from my other stuff.



So,suck on that troll.


Now,I've chosen a new song choise for the school talent show (It is a talent show BTW.)
Instead of SWS,I'll sing the rejected Christmas Celebrations song instead,Famous Last Words.

I can sing SWS for the Christmas Celebrations this year.


It's dark in here omfg.

switches on the light



Now listening to my newly downloaded SWS track,A Trophy Father's Trophy Son.
It is sad,guys.
It's on repeat btw.

I wrote a poem based on it,too.

Give it a read,maybe?


I'mma go now,go and sob to this song.

:) have fun doing...whatever you're doing!

xx Sadie
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