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Just An Accident

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"It was completely an accident- you HAVE to believe me."

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A/N: Just clearing this up, Frank has always gone to the school. Gerard just didn't mention him at first. c:

Dear Gerard,

Shit. Bloody hell. PLEASE write me back. Say anything- cuss me out, I don't mind. I can't stand you not writing back, ignoring me, as if nothing ever happened. I swear I can explain if you'll give me a chance.

When I got your first letter, I recognized the name on the envelope. Gerard Way. And when I saw it, I just couldn't tell you who I was. I couldn't. You've got to understand. Part of the reason was because you made me really mad, so I didn't want to get in trouble by telling you what I thought of you. (I don't think of you that way anymore; honestly I don't. You're different now. A lot different. I didn't know you back then.) I used a different signature so the teacher wouldn't be able to pick me out.

And I also used a different signature because I'm the one that told the seniors that you're gay.

It was completely an accident- you HAVE to believe me. I had just heard about you going out with some other guy awhile back, and then I said it sort of off-handedly outside the school one afternoon. I had no idea it would cause you any trouble. I wouldn't have done it if I'd known… it was an accident.

When you kept mentioning how angry you were about the incident, there was no way I could tell you the truth and start using my real name. Those seniors know who I am, so they would've recognized my name if you had decided to start anything.

Do you get what I'm saying? And I only got myself into even deeper shit when you told me that… well, that you… liked me. I panicked. If I let you have your own way, I knew that sooner or later you'd find out the truth. That's why I was so against the whole thing.

Please, Gerard, you have to understand. Write me back.


Frank Iero



Do me a favor and get the hell out of my life, will you? I hate your guts. I hate the sight of your face, the sight of your name on the envelope.

WHY the HELL didn't you tell me you were gay? Why didn't you tell me who you were? Why would you let me humiliate myself by telling you who I liked? Why would you be such a traitor to- and I quote- 'say it sort of offhandedly' to the bloody seniors. (You liar. I'm not stupid, you were trying to push the attention away from yourself. Suck-up, backstabber, conceited bastard.)

Why the fucking hell would you do that, Anthony?

You lie to me and you laugh at me behind my back and you hide everything from me and all you can say is that it was an ACCIDENT. And now you insult me by assuming I would have 'started something' with the seniors if I'd found out who your were; and by thinking I'll just forget about the whole thing because you want me to. You're pathetic. What a loser I was to have had a crush on you, Anthony. Frank. You scum of the earth.

Don't write to me anymore. You make me sick.




Dear Gerard,

Gerard, please. Don't say those things. I'm really, really sorry about what I did. I apologize as honestly as is possible for me. I was a bastard, and I shouldn't have done it. I'd take it all back if I could, but what's done is done, and, Gerard…

…I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say to you anymore. That letter hurt, and the way you ignore my existence at school really hurts. Please forgive me. What more can I say?




You stupid loser.
STOP WRITING TO ME. What do I have to do to make this clear to you? You are a worthless asshole. Every word you write makes me want to kill you. If you keep this up, I swear I'll end up doing something mess up that stupid face of yours.

I'm not fucking around. I hate you. Want to see my real temper? Just try me.

Do you understand, Frank? I want you to get the hell out of my life. Get OUT of my LIFE. I don't care about the grade anymore, just STOP WRITING ME LETTERS.




Don't do this to me, Gerard.
I'm begging you. Don't stay mad at me like this; maybe we can talk at school or something. I mean really, actually talk. Not just me sort of talking to you, like what happened in the restroom today.

All I wanted to do was apologize, but that despicable look you gave me burned. You didn't even answer, you just turned around and walked out as if I didn't exist. No one was watching but you made me feel so stupid. Haven't you done enough? I know that sounds really ironic, since I'm the one that messed it all up, but I hate everything this way. I hate it. But I don't hate you, Gerard, honestly I don't, I didn't mean for anything to turn out this way. I want us to be friends again.

I'm not asking you to stop hating me. I'm just asking for a chance to talk.




It's been two weeks, and you haven't written back. Please, Gerard, I need to talk to you. I need to. Please understand, I really want to talk, and these letters are meaningless. I want this to stop. I want you to write back. Please.

With regards,


You guys asked for it. 

Here it is...

Have a nice evening. Or morning. Or midday. Eat a cupcake for me. I bet you all love me for that. Heh. Love ya, babes. 


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