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We always wanted to move to London

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Fanfic featuring stef, ash and dru (the midnight beast) but there not in the band in this ff, also feautures lauren, lily, and kiera. Enjoy beasts x

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Lily, Lauren and Kiera got out of the brightly coloured taxi in London. Lily let out a sigh of relief, and spun around, looking at the atmosphere around her. 'Thanks!' Lauren said to the taxi driver, giving him the money, and opening the boot getting hers, Lily's and Kiera's suitcase out. They said another thanks to the driver before he drove off.
'I can't believe were here' Kiera said, a smile beaming on her face. ' I don't believe were here!' Lily said, grabbing hold of her red suit case, and walking towards their flat.
All three of them had planned to move to London when they finished school to go to uni there, and here they were. Lily opened the door, and picked her suit case up running up the stairs looking for there flat room. Kiera followed closely behind while Lauren was struggling lifting hers up, ' Uh. Guys a little help here' Lauren said, standing there out of breath, 'Loz, your so weak' Kiera said laughing and rolling her eyes at Lauren. Lily came back down to help her take it up. 'maybe if you would'nt of packed your whole wardrobe you'd be able to lift it. Yeah. Remember we said to bring just some of our clothes until our parents bring the rest of our crap' Lily said lifting hers and Lauren's suitcase up and running up the stairs with them.
'Honestly you really expect me to survive without some of my clothes for a couple of days?' Lauren said walking up the stairs. 'Urm yes' Kiera said, 'Yeah, kinda!' Lily said at the same time as Kiera. Lauren laughed 'Per-lease, you obviously don't know me very well' Lauren said laughing.
They were running and Lily suddenly stopped outside a door, causing Kiera to bump into Lily, and Lauren to bump and into Kiera, making Lily hit the door. She turned around and gave them the evils and they both laughed. Lily got out the key for their flat and unlocked it biting her lip. They all gasped when they saw it. It was beautiful! A brown wooden floor as you walked in, a big red fluffy rug surrounded by cream sofa's and a big flat screen TV on the wall. This is what they had been saving up for. This beautiful place which they would now call home. The kitchen was small and square in the same room as the living room, but it was still a fair size. Mostly black, with some cream. There was a hallway joined to the living room leading to the bathroom. And another one joined to the living/kitchen area leading to there rooms. They were all cream walls, and cream carpet as they hadnt decorated yet. They looked around the house and then decided which bedroom was who's. Luckily the rooms were all about the same size so it wouldn't be unfair.
It was the start of the summer holidays and so they didnt have to worry about uni at the moment, all they had to think about was settling in to this nice, and quiet place.
A few days later there parents arrived with there valubles, and other pieces of furniture, that would go in there new flat. 'Here is some money to help with food shopping and other supplies that you'll need. We all chipped in a bit for you girls' Lily's mum said handing her £200 , 'Awesome, we kinda were starting to starve, we have been ordering take away's since we got here, it'll be nice to finally get some proper food' Lily said putting the money in the piggy bank which was on the kitchen side. After a few hours the girls said a final goodbye to there parents and promised to visit soon.
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