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You Had Me At Hello

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Story about a 19-year old aspiring rock singer who gets the break of a lifetime...and finds love with a fiery redhead on the way.

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(just wanna say that this is my first fanfic. so if it sucks, you know why ahaha!)

This was it. My big break that I needed in my music career. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew it was my destiny to be a rock singer. I wanted to be the next Debbie Harry. But then again, she can’t be duplicated. Plus: She’s a blonde and I’m a brunette. But anyways, I've been singing on talent shows and clubs and getting small gigs and then the bassist from Guns N’ Roses, Duff McKagan offered me to go on tour with the band and be a back-up singer for them. Of course, I thought about it for 0.5 seconds and said yes! So today was the day that I was going to meet everyone in the band to get familiar with them. I already met my other fellow back-up singers. Those girls were…well interesting I guess. Most of them were quite hasty except for one who was real nice. Her name was Lydia.

Oh yeah, my name is Christina by the way. I was already backstage with Duff walking to the room where most of the band were at so I could introduce myself. It all seemed unreal. That I was gonna meet Axl, Slash, Gilby, Matt and Dizzy. Obviously I was a superfan of them because I already knew the band members name. But hey, they were awesome. I was excited, but nervous as hell at the same time.

“You Alright?” Duff asked as we walked down the hall.

“Oh, yeah. I’m fine. Guess I’m a little nervous…” I confessed shrugging my shoulders which caused Duff to chuckle a bit.

“Don’t be. Look at them as your new family that you’re gonna be on the road with.” He said, trying to calm me down. But I felt I had every reason to be nervous. Especially at the fact that I was meeting Axl Rose. What if he blows up and yells at me or something? People say he’s a jackass so of course that’s what I’m gonna believe. Finally we both made it to the room backstage as Duff opened the door. I walked in and saw Slash, Dizzy, Gilby, everyone! Except Axl which I found weird, but I was too starstrucked to worry where he was. After Duff introduced me to everyone, everyone else introduced themselves, seemingly all pretty cool people before I whispered to Duff.

“Isn’t there someone missing?” I asked.

“Yeah, he probably went to go take a shit. I don’t know. But he’s somewhere around. You’ll meet him soon enough.” He smiled while I laughed a little. Just then someone walked behind us which caused me to turn around. I was more speechless than I was when I met the rest of the band. I probably looked like an idiot in front of him.

“Oh there he is. Axl, this is Christina. That new backup singer I told you about. And Christina this is Axl.” Duff said. Me and Axl both exchanged smiles before we shook each other hands. Who would've thought that after this, not just my life wouldn't be the same, but my love life wouldn't be either.
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