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We need a night out!

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The girls need a night out!;)

Category: Love Mode - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Kiichi - Published: 2013-03-24 - 378 words

It had been a couple of weeks since Lauren ahd gone down to that boys flat. They hadn't really heard the music again. But they had heard alot of shouting.
'I need a night out' Lily said breaking the silence, 'Yeah me too' Kiera said, 'And me' Lauren said. 'Well then it's only...-' Lily looked at the time on her phone, '4 o'clock, so why don't we doll up and go out bitches?' Lily said raising her eyebrows at Lauren and Kiera. 'Yeah alright, but I need food first' Lauren said going into the kitchen and looking in the fridge. She looked in a cupboard and got out a packet of crisps and then they all went into there rooms to get ready. 'Guys come in my room and get ready' Lily shouted. Kiera brought her makeup and a few outfits she was thinking of wearing into Lily's room, and so did Lauren. Kiera decided to wear some light blue shorts, and a green crop top, she put on some green vans, and then curled her long blonde hair, and clip parts up. Her makeup was a bit of foundation, some pink blusher, a little pit of green eye shadow, some macara to emphasize her green eyes, and some light pink lipstick. Lauren decided on wearing some dark blue high rise shorts, and tucked in a white vest, she put on some dark blue vans. She straightened her long brown hair, and french plaited one side of her hair, and then clipped her up, for makeup she had some foundation, a bit of blusher, some black eyeliner, a bit of mascara to emphasize her brown eyes, and then some bright pink lipstick. Lily put on a short, tight red dress, and some black heels. She left her hair as it was but just sorted out as it was naturally loosley curly, and red (dyed) For makeup she had foundation, bronzer on her cheeks, a line of liquis eyeliner on top of her lid, mascara to emphasize her big, blue eyes, and some red lipstick. They were all finished and went to have a couple of shots before they went out. After there few shots, they all went and brushed there teeth, and then headed off out.
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