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Okay,you guys are getting a little rough at this minute.

Now,this is literally me letting out all of my emotions.

1. I don't give a shit if I spell a band name wrong.

Now,someone (not naming names,you know who you fucking are) said I spelt Pierce The Veil wrong.It's a problem I have,when band names have I and E close together,I mix them up.It's happened before,with Black Veil Brides,but I learned with that.And clearly,I don't care.I spell it,how I think it is spelt.

2.I don't fucking care how my sentences are written.

That same person,still not gonna name any names,critiqued my style of sentencing.It's kinda unfair,considering I haven't been on this site long.I'm still learning,butI find how I write sentences now much easier.It's how I write them in my schoolbooks,and it's how I shall write my fics.Don't like that,then don't fucking read them,okay?

3.I don't care about anything you said to be fucking honest.

That very same person,you know who you fucking are,also said this.

"Less than 24 hours away from a site isn't a breather."

I,personally,don't care.
Do you recall I said "I don't know how long I'll be gone." ?
That could mean I could come back to whatever site that is,whenever the fuck I like.

Now,suprisingly,that person that told me these things,happened to be one of my friends.
That,kind of hurts.

Now,I have entered that stage where I personally couldn't give 2 shits about what anyone says about my work,because I like it,and that is all that god damn fucking matters.

So,take your worst at me,I personally won't care.
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