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Sorry about yesterday guys. I didn't mean it, I swear!


See that? Spacing out my sentencing now, thanks to Becca's advice.




Anyway, I'm sorry about yesterday. I was just a little bit mad at the fact MCR had given us a really short explanation as to why they broke up. I'm litterally face-palming myself right now.


I promise, from now on, I will not ever throw around suicide threats. Ever.


Right, with that outta the way, let me tell ya about my day!


Oh my god! I did a rhyme!


Okay, so my first lesson was French. It went well, we did past, present, and future tense. It went cool.

Second lesson was Science. We're doing a cool experiment on weather caffeine has any effect on it's user's reactions. Sounds cool, cuz we get to drink Coca Cola.

At Break, I found Ellie. She didn't wanna listen to Pierce The Viel (Did I spell that right? I before E right?) with me, so I listened to it on my own. Also, a girl in the game room where I was originally didn't know who Kellin Quinn was. Here's how it went exactly:

Me:(Looking at picture of Kellin on my phone)

Girl:(walks up to me) Hey, Sadie.

Me: Hey.

Girl: Who you looking at? (pointing at my phone)

Me: Lead singer of Sleeping with Sirens, Kellin Quinn.

Girl: Never heard of them. (walks away)

In my head at that point I was just like 'remove yourself from the earth'.

After Break, I had History. We did more slavery. I stole a pen from History too, I'm such a bad girl!

At lunch, I sat alone. That was all that happened at lunch.

After my lunch, I had English. We did a speaking and listening assesment, on a scene from Merlin. We did the scene between the fight of the Black Knight and Sir Owain. It was like Eastenders, the ending bit.

After English, I had Maths. I was sat at the back, on my own, until Sir moved a boy in our class onto my table. I was like 'What?' and never talked to him for the entire lesson.

So,that was pretty much my day. When I got home, I had a bath, got water in my eye again! God, don't you hate when that happens?! Then, after my bath, I had a pot noodle. (Have you guys ever heard of them? They are well nice!) After my pot noodle, I've just logged onto my laptop. My step-dad wants to go on my ps3, because his is broken, soon so that means I have to change my fucking wallpaper. My stepdad said he didn't care, but I don't want him to look at it! It's quiet in my room at the minute, as my phone is on charge. I forgot about the 'Forever March On' thing, and the singing thing, for the MCR memorial, but once my phone is charged I'll sing. And in a bit I'll put 'Forever March On' on my nice, clean, lush smelling wrist.

So, can you guys read my stuff now? I'mma try and write more like this, it seems easier to read now. Also, I'll try and update my SWS fic, I know I said I'd do it yesterday, but my mind was wrecked after this weekend's events. It's alright now though, no need for me to be in a mental hospital!

So, did you guys have a good enough day?

xx Sadie
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