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Hey guys! How are ya, you awesome, sexy-minded people?

Me? I'm good, feeling super happy today!

So, here's how my day went.

First lesson was Science. We carried out our experiment today and we discovered that our reactions are better with caffeine because we catch it quicker. Cool.

Second lesson was French. We get crepes on Thursday, which is really cool. I'm having strawberries and chocolate in my one, and I just made you all jealous didn't I? Sorry bout that.

At break, I was alone. Filled in a hall of people who say 'swag', 'yolo' and 'cozzy' (whatever that is) repeatedly. I was just there with my headphones in like 'do not talk to these people..' and had no one to talk to.

After break, I had textiles. In textiles we began to make our pugglies. I'm making a love heart, that looks like a monster kitty. It will look awesome, I'll post a pic on my FB when it is completed, which won't be until after Easter, since today was our last lesson before the Easter holidays.

At lunch, I sat alone. I then walked to the computer room where I went on the teacher's computer for Twitter. You heard that right, teachers have Twitter and Tumblr and YouTube on their computers, awesome.

After lunch, I had Maths. I interacted more with people today, which was a real accomplishment for me I think. We got through 16 questions, and we were doing Year 7 stuff. It got extremely boring, really, and I nearly fell asleep.

Final lesson was Art, which is my favourite lesson. We went up to the computer room in the Maths block (which has Art, Food tech and Textiles classes as well as Math classes.) to print off punk-like images for our project we are doing, where we create our own album cover. These are the album covers I got, that I thought looked punky.

- Green Day - American Idiot.

- Paramore - Riot.

- All Time Low - Don't Panic.

- My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.

- Pierce The Veil - Collide With The Sky.

- Mindless Self Indulgence - Frankenstein Girls.

- Sleeping With Sirens - With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear.

Okay, so that last one might not look punky, but I love the cover.
Also, I know how to spell Pierce The Veil now. it's I before E in 'Pierce' and E before I in 'Veil'. I remember that saying..

"I before E, except after C. But, in some cases, it's E before I."

So, that was my day.

OH! I almost forgot to tell you about my epic dream I had Monday night.

Okay, so it started with me in a waiting room in a hospital. Then, I began to hear the beginning of A Trophy Father's Trophy Son, it sounded live. I was like 'What?' then turned to see Kellin Quinn walk through the door singing it. I can't really remember the rest, but it was an awesome dream.. Sigh.

Also, I get the day off on Friday, as it is Good Friday. Everyone in England does.

So, here is a few reviews I got from my last chapter. I'll do this each day, add some reader's comments at the bottom, so they can be fucking famous.

ColorfulShadow Wrote:

"I had the day off today because of snow... It's quite boring, and today's our last snow day so we have to make up days."

RyanCyanideKiller Wrote:

"Glad you're in a good mood dear."

Thank you for the kindness guys!

have a free cookie!

Xo Sadie
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