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Hey, you awesome people with the most brilliant minds that make me feel extremely jealous of your brilliance!

How's you?

Me, I'm good! Really good!

So, tomorrow is our last day of school for two weeks and a day! Woo!

(Will I survive 6 hours though, that is the question..)

So, here is how my day went!

We first had the tutor quiz and our team got 6 out of 20. We failed.
But, we failed with pride!

First lesson was IT. I lost my Helena game I was making as a project, so I created a pong game instead. I sped through the instructions easily!

Second lesson was Geography. We did more work on sustainability and looked at a really nice place in Poole called Sandbanks. It looks really gorgeous!

At break, I sat alone, listening to Pierce The Veil. I listened to these songs:

- Just The Way You Are (from Pop Goes Punk, it is awesome! Upbeat and awesome!)

- Hell Above (Screamo, awesome screamo.)

- Bulls in the Bronx (Love this song!)

- King For A Day (What can I say? IT IS THE FUCKING COLLAB OF 2012!)

I drew the PTV logo too, as good as I could.

After break was English. Our English teacher is on maternity leave, so we have a new teacher. He is so awesome, and the class went crazy! Shoes were thrown around the room, I am not kidding. Socks too. Also, the boys asked me this. Here is the conversation, using the real names of the boys too.

Nikita: Sadie!

Me:(turns to him) What?

Nikita: Do you shave?!

Me: What?!

Nikita: Do you shave?!

Me hesitates

Me: Why do you wanna know that?

Boys laugh, and I get back to work..

So, you can see how weird my English class gets..

At lunch, I sat alone, before joining Ellie, Cei and the other girl. She was wearing a BVB top over her school uniform oh my god! We looked at Andy's tweet on twitter, the one about My Chem and Ellie said, and I quote:

"This is like Mitch all over again!"

They then left to practice for music. And I was all alone..

I had PE after lunch, and was in a cramped changing room, not good for a partly claustrophobic girl, eh? I'm not kidding, in crowded spaces I can't fucking breathe.. We did basketball today and my team, which I was captain of... We lost... BUT LOST WITH DIGNITY!

Final lesson was Science. I was sat on a table with Daniel, Brook (who's a boy by the way..) and Robert. We did alcohol and smoking and what effects it can have on the body. It got extremely weird on our table, because during our work Robert asked me this:

"Sadie, do you have sexual attraction to Daniel?"

In which my reply was:

"Oh hell no!" then I said "You probably asked me this because you do!"

In which Brook was like "Ooh!" and it just got awkward..

So, when I got home I quickly changed into my Black Parade hoodie (I still keep the merch though the band is gone..) along with my new top Mum got for me. It looks nice actually, it is two skeletons with wings, angel wings, and a pyramid with something inside of it. I then grabbed £3 and went to buy the new issue of Kerrang! magazine and a white chocolate bar. I got both, then arrived home and read it, then changed into my PJs. I then went onto and looked at all the awesome merch I could buy. Mum owes me £45 and I currently have £2.60 so that altogether makes £47.60 so I could buy some tops, and also some BVB pins! I'll just have to tell Mum of course before I order them online..


beatus quinn wrote: (A/N: loving that username oh my fucking god!)

"Maybe we're just having too much fun... Maybe you can't handle yourself, staring at me with your lips and tongue

Naw I'm having a good day. Listening to Bulls in the Bronx. The Spanish guitar part is flawless.

I'm glad you feel awesome today, that's always a good thing."

Poppana wrote:

"What in the heck is 'cozzy'? You young people and your lingo, I can never keep up.

I had a dream last night that a plant in my room tried to strangle me to death. I'm considering burning it now.


my reply was:

"Dude I dunno what 'cozzy' is..
Something gross I bet..

Woah strangling plant!

Was it a venus fly trap? They are man-eating plants.."

RyanCyanideKiller wrote:

"I GOT MENTIONED throws party"

ColorfulShadow wrote:


Adjective Giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.

Noun A cover to keep a teapot hot.

Verb Impart a feeling or quality of comfort to (something).

Synonyms adjective. cosy - snug - comfortable - convenient - comfy noun. cosy

... I don't even know what they think it means but that's what it is...


Poppana wrote (in reply to me):

"It wasn't a venus fly trap, just a plant that grew from a MAGIC BEAN. I did, however, once have a fly-eating plant, it was one of those that have the tangly things growing on it, and the water goes into the tangly things and they look like veiny testicles.."

my reply was:


So, you got a fucking beanstalk?!"

Poppana wrote (in reply to me):

"Well it's still just about 20cm long, but I'm expecting it to grow so long that I can go up into the clouds and steal some fucking gold from a giant, or whatever it was :D
we'll see what happens! And I didn't have to pay for it with a cow or anything."

Sam41 wrote:

"I used to have a Venus FlyTrap as a pet :3 (Don't ask, I was a VERY lonely kid)
But lucky cock

My day, as BLEH (I'm so tired -stares at socks- oh what pretty socks I have)
But yeah, punk album covers rock (I could probably name off a fucking shitton)
I like punk :3"

HatedEyes wrote:

"Punk = Good.
I dunno, I have the weirdest taste in music ever.
Like. I can listen to pop, then punk, then rock, then metal, then minimalist, then a soundtrack, then electronic without even questioning. I'm not kidding. Anyways."


gives you cookies and milk

So,have a cool day guys?

xx Sadie
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