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How I Became A Fan Of...

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Let's play a game! :D It's called 'How I Became A Fan Of' where you tell the story of how you became the fan of something... I'll write mine below and you guys can review with your stories to take part! :) So here are mine...

My Chemical Romance - Most of you probably already knew this but whatever :') Basically, my parents are divorced and we've come to an agreement where I stay most of the time at my Mom's house but every friday night I go to my Dad's. It was a typical Friday where my Dad and step-mom had gone out leavng me alone with my step-sister and my brother (who was already in bed...). My step-sister put on Famous Last Words and I loved it. Next week I begged for her to put on 'the pie song' because I thought the lyrics were 'to change that pie' and so yeah... Then I went to Secondary School and made friends with a girl named Jasmine who pretty much started talking about MCR straightaway and I really wanted to be her friend so I listened to them and ended up loving them more than she did :')

Supernatural - On the 27th of December I went up town. I'd had a pretty crappy Christmas and Boxing Day and I'd spent all my money since October on Christmas presents for my friends so I decided today was my day. I brought lots of milkshake, lots of chocolate and a McDonalds to eat at home while I watched a DVD... Well I thought, why not buy a boxset? They're longer than a film? Then I found Supernatural Season 1. It wasn't too expensive and I'd seen gifs of it on Tumblr and Penina never shut up about it so I thought 'why not?'... I then went out and brought the next four seasons and tomorrow my Mom will be giving me Season 7 for Easter! :D

Sherlock - I used to have an awesome English teacher called Miss Hallum and we were studying Sherlock books in class a while ago. Every so often she'd give us an 'ECI' lesson (Education Colouring In? :L) and decided we should watch the first episode of Sherlock the TV series because she loved it. EVERYONE in the class loved it and so now we still watch it :3

The Hunger Games - I was up town. My friend had just text me to say she was coming to meet me so I called my Dad and told him to cancel picking me up. Then my friend text me to say she actually wasn't coming afterall. I was pretty fed up that she'd said that and was too scared to call my Dad again so I went to the library. I saw 'The Hunger Games' on the shelf. I'd seen a couple of things about it on Tumblr and I hadn't fully understood the blurb so I thought 'might as well read it'. I loved the first few chapters so I went and brought it from WHSmith :3 Then I made better friends with Becca when I found out she loved it as well :)

Orphan - My friend Olivia had been nagging me for months that she wanted to watch Orphan with me and I kept saying no, it looked too scary. Then finally I caved in and said we could watch it on Halloween after we'd gone trick-or-treating. It turned out that the movie was AWESOME and I have watched it more than 100 times since :')

I would write more but then I'd be here all day so there you go! :D What are your stories? It can be for any fandom, movie, whatever! :)

Love Hozzie
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