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Happy mood.

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Right, so I got two new PTV songs on my phone.
I got A Match Into Water and Hold On Till May.

Mia, I now got the song references from my oneshot.

So, I got ideas for Mia's oneshot now. It'll have many song references in there too.

So, umm..

I have no idea what to say now.


Okay, so you know that moment when there's a picture / video of a band member naked and it's up there for the world and you're just sat there like 'should I look at it?' and in the end you don't? Yep, that happened to me today. I'll give you the senario.

I was on Twitter, scrolling down tweets as I do, when I saw Kellin Quinn's tweet. it was a video and before that it said it was him getting naked. Yeah, I was just sat there like 'should I look?'. I didn't in the end. I really did wanna look, but that would seem pedo-ish.

Says the girl who reads Erotica fics that are NC-17..

Oh, shut up, Gerard..

Yeah, Gerard is still in my head. Still bugging me that tiny bit but is still loveable. Did you hear he opened his P.O box? WE CAN SEND HIM OURSELVES NOW GUYS! I'd send him a letter but I dunno what to put, ad I don't have any paper and shit. So I'll forever sit here like 'what am I doing with my life?'.

Also, before I go.

Friendly reminder that Vic Fuentes is Mexican. Mia, Mia is a Mexican. THEY COULD BE TWINS OH MY FUCKING GOD.

Yeah, I made you fangirl then didn't I Mia?

I'll go write that oneshot now, I'm sorry if it is crappy..
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