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Killjoy info and random shizz.

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Okay so as you guys can see... author Chemical_30 is creating a killjoy fic, and I just auditioned for Syanide Skull (me) to be in it. But, one question was 'If you were with one of the guys who would it be?' and everyone was like 'party poison or fun ghoul' and I figured I'd never get them so I decided to create a killjoy identity for Andy Biersack, from Black Veil Brides. Here it is!

Real Name: Andy Biersack

Killjoy Name: Fallen Angel

Killjoy Outfit: His clothes from the Wretched and Divine era.

Appearance: His hair and make up from the Fallen Angels music video.
Backstory: Same as mine, he saw his family die in front of him, he got out and started running and hasn't stopped since. He then met me, and didn't run as much, and he swears to protect me from any harm. Typical boyfriend really :3

With his killjoy name it was either Fallen Angel or Wild One, but I thought Fallen Angel was better because it could be shortened to Angel.


Now, for any of you SWS fans out there (beside me), beatus_quinn (best username award goes to her (or him idk?)) has written some song fics based of SWS songs. They are:

- Father Father (based off of A Trophy Father's Trophy Son)
- If You're James Dean I'm Audrey Hepburn (based off the song with the same exact title.)

I reccomend you read both the fics they are just pure awesomeness. In fact, read all the fics on this author's profile because they are all really good okay? There. Fic reccomendation done.


Also, I downloaded SWS' cover of Cee Lo Green's Forget You for the album thing called Punk Goes Pop. It's called Fuck You (best name ever omfg.) and is from Punk Goes Pop 4. It literally describes all the girly girls of my school, the ones that are the popular ones. As soon as I go back to school, I'm just going to play it and be like 'FUCK YEAH BIATCH!'.

I will. I mean it.


Now, me is in a bit of a dilema.

So, next term is the school talent show, and I'm going to audition. I wanna sing MCR, but I only got two tracks on backing track. I just don't know which one to choose.

I could either go for Famous Last Words or I'm Not Okay. I love both, yet I can't decide on what song.

Although, I might see if my singing teacher is in on Thursday when I go back to school and see if I can get SWS songs on a backing track and audition with one of them.

What should I do? I'm Not Okay, Famous Last Words or a SWS track?

(Tell me in da reviews!)


So, uhh...

Did you know Kellin Quinn has a YouTube channel? You probably did, I only found out a few days ago.
Oh god I suck.
Eh, I suck with pride and dignity.

Okay, I'll stop bugging you guys now..

xo Sadie
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