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Ew. Hate getting sick.

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So, guess who feels fucking sick again?!


Kinda sucks, as it's the day before Easter here in England...

But, me has my music on. It's Sleeping With Sirens, as I am majorly majorly MAAAJJOOORRLLYYYY addicted to them, to the point that if I ever meet them one day, I'll most likely die on the fucking spot. No, this would be how it goes..

SWS walk up to me

SWS: Hi.

Me: (turns to see them and does this extremely high, little squeak of a hi)

SWS: You okay? (at that point they'd be slowly backing away from me..)

Me: (collapses because I'm in the presence of such a good band)

But, I do want to meet them one day, that's for sure. If any of you guys have met any famous band member, how did you stay so fucking calm? I seriously need to know that.


Also, I forgot my laptop was on, so it was on standby all night..

But, it's all good now!


Now, as me is sick..
I want some nice morning askies! (though I probably won't get any as you all are sleeping.. sucks to be in England right now..)

Here, here I entrust you with my question box.. SPAM IT IF YOU WILL!

So, make me feel better, like SWS is doing, slowly, right now..

xx Sadie
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