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The Bottle of Wine and Roses

by XavierHazelwood 1 review

This a poem about a person being sad that their significant other didn't make the romantic date.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Published: 2013-03-30 - 174 words - Complete

As i sit in the silence

I look at the feast that I prepared.

The candles only sputtering now.

Tears roll down my face stinging.

They sting with betrayal.

Here I meticulously prepared food.

I carefully laid rose petals along the table.

And there I waited with a bottle of red grape wine in hand.

I glace up as he clock strikes one.

Fed up and frustrated I clear the table.

I gather the melted wisps of the candles.

I extinguish them and they hiss.

Hissing a snake's warning.

I clear the table of the food.

The vestiges of my hard work go unnoticed.

I sweep the rose petals away.

I crush them into the floor.

I take the wine with me to bed.

I take a swig of the precious red liquid ecstasy.

I let it burn all the way down.

I let it quell the fiery angry dragon of my stomach.

I pick up a damaged rose petal and chew it.

Then lay down drunkenly content and wish you never to return.
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