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Um... this might be important for the story I don't know just... *sighs loudly* just read...

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I was gonna come back friday, because I got an idea thursday night... but than in the middle of the night, my dog died. I just had the worst week ever.
First my sister leaves to New Orleans, then MCR broke up, then I broke up with my boyfriend, then my dog died. And I just can't deal at the moment. I'm sorry. If I don't feel better at the end of next week or something, I might have somebody take over this story. So I'm taking a longer hiatus than I expect. I'm soooooooooooo sorry! I just can't deal with life at the moment. But I promise I wont do anything stupid. Just bear with me please. Sorry if you are getting tired of these non-chapter story updates. Just figured I'd let you in on whats going on and why it's taking so long to update.

Give me 2 week from today which would be about April 14. If I decide I can't go on with this story I'll see who wants it, I'll tell you the main jist, and where I wanted to go. Then you can do whatever you want with it.

Till April 14. Love you all.

xoxo Dani
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