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Um... Hi...

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Okay. So... I was gonna come back but then I forgot... then I didn't have the energy, but then if any of you read my thing where I need help because of my boyfriend (who is now my ex) I was gonna come back because I had like nothing to do and I figured I worked on this story but then I started talking to my ex again and I broke up with him 2 days after MCR broke up and what not so I was emotionless because off it so I tried to explain my feelings about it and why I broke up with him and what not... lets just say I told him some thing I feel insecure about myself and him, being the jack-ass he is, told me they were true so I did something stupid... I started cutting. I cut for about 2 1/2 months. Don't worry I stopped cutting about 2 1/2 weeks ago or so. SO I will try and update but, not this week. I have exams Tuesday and Weds. and Thurs. then I have summer vaca but I want to relax and not have anything to worry about friday or saturday, but I will try next week. I am sooooo sorry for taking so long, and if I worried any of you. I LOVE YOU ALL!!

xoxo Dani
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