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that one person

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you know that person.

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There's always that one person in that one class that you only have every two days but makes that time not seeing him all worth it.

When you do see that person you'll smile and he'll make a fucking obnoxious endearing little smirk and you'll walk past each other and not say a word.

You'll get up to blow your nose or something and he would break his pencil just to walk to the pencil sharpener, which is right next to the tissue box.

You can be standing with your separate project group and he would leave his group just to chat with you (and when he goes back to his group you can't help but notice him smiling at that cute girl who gets work with him).

(You may or may not plot different methods of murder for said girl but hey let's not get ahead of ourselves.)

When everyone is standing around waiting for the bell to ring to head to the next class, you'll be sitting at your desk still, listening to your iPod with your eyes closed, and you can sense the hairs on the back of your neck tingling and you'll know he's standing behind you.

And you'll turn around and stick your tongue at him and he'll smile, and that smile would literally brighten up the world.

The bell would ring and you two would walk down the hallway together and just grin in silence.

When the hallway ends you two will say bye and part ways, and 48 hours later the whole thing starts again.
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