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Why and I here?

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So when you have to stay at an orphanage from 7pm to 10pm with 2 of your best friends and a your favorite bands guitarist nothing could go wrong. Right? Well, wrong. Heres it worked out.

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I had a really creepy dream that never seemed to end. Here it is...

"I think it's about time we go to sleep." I said.

"Yeah, enough sims for today, we've been on it forever." Jenna said.

I lead Jenna to my room. I laid out a blanket for her on the floor. "Night."


"So why am I here again?" I asked my mom.

"You get to be in Tim Burtons version of Charlie and the Chocolate factory!"

"I did that last year though."

"Yeah but this is Tim Burton. Your gonna be here!"

"But this is an're not gonna leave me here! Are you?"

"NO! You're gonna be here from 7am to 10pm! That's all!"


"Plus Natalia and Aimee's gonna be here! It's gonna be great."


"Okay! Love you! Bye!"

"But-" I was left alone. I saw no sign of Aimee or Nat. "Here goes.."

"So this is how it goes. I, a 24, going on 25 year old is gonna work with a bunch of 10-13 year olds." Frank asked.

"Thats right!"


" said you loved kids, you love Tim Burton. I don't see why not!"

"These kids aren't orphans...are they?"

"No this place was abondoned more than 200 years ago."

"That's nice to know..."

"You better get going. It's almost 7."

"Kay! Love you Jamia!" He said in a playfulish accent.

"Love you too. Now get going!!"

I was standing there for a good 10 minutes. "Is this the right place? It looks abandon." I said to myself.

"It is." I turned around to see Aimee.

"Aimee!!!" I hugged her. She loves hugs. "I am SO happy to see you."

"Yeah. Where's Nat?"

"I haven't seen her."

"Is this the St.Anthony orphanage?" We heard someone say.

"Yeah, you going here too?" I wasn't even looking at the person.

"Yeah. I'm supposed to be Willy Wonka."

"Johnny Depp?" Aimee asked.


We turned around. Our mouths fell to the floor.

"Natalia! Your a man!!!" I said.

Aimee slapped me. "That's not Natalia!!!! Your...your..."

"Yes I'm Frank Iero. You are..."

"I'm Aimee." Aimee was talking fast.

"I'm Elena." I slowly said. We shook hands.

"Hey guys. Didn't your parents ever teach you NOT to talk to strangers?!!" Natalia chimed in.

"He's no stranger." Aimee said.

"remember that band we like. My Chemical Romance."

"Yeah. With Gerard, Mikey, Ray, Bobby..."

"It's Bob!" Aimee yelled.

"BOB! And Frank!"

"Well, that's Frank."

"I'm Natalia." Her perky sqeeky voice said.

"Nice to meet you all. You like MCR?"

"MY FAVORITE BAND!!!!" Aimee yelled.


"I like the All-American Rejects!" Natalia said.

Me and Aimee looked at her with the deer in the headlights look.

Aimee whispered to me. "It's just the beggining!"
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