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These people?

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So we're getting our parts and these people?

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We were took into the orphanage by some dude on the crew. I guess when your working for a big time director you don't get as much mercy as he does 'cause when we were took in he dragged us. Litteraly.

We were right in front of Tim Burton. Me being the biggest fan of his(in my group) spoke first. "Oh my god...Tim Burton! I'm such a big fan of yours. I have every movie that you ever made, I have your stuff and-" Aimee hushed me.

"Great to hear that!" He said. "Now I'm gonna give you your parts. Is a miss Elena here?" I cleared my throat so he would know that was me. "Ah, there you are...the fan. You will be Veruca Salt." I let a breath of relief out. "Natalia, you are the perky little bubble blower!" He smiled.

"YAY!" Natalia yelled. "I love gum!!!!!!!!!!"

"Aimee, your gonna be her mother!"


"Your gonna bee flirting with Mr.Wonka non-stop."


"Really, you don't look it." I laughed. "Okay so Helga here will point out where your crews are."

"Me Helga." She said in a heavy un-known accent.

Natalia who was sipping some pepsi spit it out and bent over in laughter. Aimee slapped her. "No Natalia! No laughing!"

"Sorry. Went down the wrong pipe." She kindly said to Helga.

"Natalia. Go over there with Miss Lindsay Lohan." Helga said.

"Okay!" She skipped over to her.

"Aimee. You go there with Gerard Way."

Aimee's mouth fell wide open. "Me?"

"Yes. Get to know each other. You 2 will be together this whole movie experience." Aimee stood there helplessly. "Now, GO!"

"You Elena, go with Jared Leto"

"No problem." I wasn't gonna stall, esspecially if it was a chance to hang out with Jared Leto.

"Now Frank Iero. I'm a huge fan of you! You get to hang out with Adam Lazzara."

"At least I know him..."

I walked up to Jared. "Hi!" I said.

He jumped. "Woah! I'm supposed to chosing clothes for you? Your so...tinsy. I'm afraid I might brake you." He said.

"Chosing clothes?"

"Yes. I'm your makeup artist slash dresser. What kind of look are you into?"


"Ooh! I never got to dress up someone punk! They always want pink and all that girly stuff like that...even men."



3 hours later...
"A punk Veruca Salt! That is awesome! I have accomplished something. You might need these." He took off my glasses and gave me contacts.

"Don't you think I'm just a little to young."

"Nonsense! Nobody is too young for contacts! Now go and meet up with your companions!" He slightly pushed me out of the makeup area.

"Elena! Is that you?" I was stunned by Aimee's apperience. She had on long black and purple stokings with a black all laced skirt and a purple and black stripped shirt. Her hair was in an unbelieveable pony tail and yes she did look like Gerard Ways doll. Only Gerard would dress up someone like that.

"The question is...Aimee, s'that you?" I asked.

"Look at you! No glasses!" "

Yeah but these contacts are killing me." I took them out and put my glasses back on.

"You relize they're black now."

"They are? I didn't even notice." The black glasses thing must've went with my look. I was wearing a short black skirt that was wrapped instead of lace, chains. A red shirt and knee high boots. Didn't know a nerd like me could look that cool. I also finally got black streaks in my hair(along with the natrual streaks that were there from the start)

Next Frank walked out. Me and Aimee laughed. "Who made you sign up for the play?" I asked.

"My wife...She said I loved kids and I loved Tim Burton so the perfect fit."

He looked really creepy. A dead Willy Wonka. Might've been what we was aiming for still looked scary. Something that would give my brother nightmares. Here's what I thought he looked like. Jack Skellington, mixed with Willy Wonka. Either way you put it he was freaky.

Next to walk out was Natalia. "Hey guys!" She walked out.

Aimee's eyes widened. "Who said she couldn't pull of the punk look?" I said. Natalia was the perky in pink friend. Let's hope she doesn't get to keep those clothes. She had a dark green dress on. Poofed at the waist. Ankle high green boots. Green streaks in her hair. We were ready...
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