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Sit me down, Shut me up!

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So we have 3 hours till we leave and we have to get the first part done. 3 hours to do all of that.

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"Okay! Now that all of you are dressed all ready go on set!"

We all walked on to the set. "I wish I could live here!!!!!" Natalia exclaimed.

"Not unless I get it first...wait. IS everything really made out of chocolate?" I asked.


"Yeah. Totally my kind of place." So tempting to eat. I LOOOVE chocolate.

'I wonder if Gerard ever got my number?' Aimee thought. She was staring into space.

I poked her. "Mars to Aimee! You there?"

She snapped back into reality. "Huh?" She was still sort of out of it. "Oh yeah. You think me and Gerard have a chance?"

"16 years, internet says he's married with a kid... Yeah you have a chance!" I said sounding sarcstic.

"Shut up."

"You asked!!"

"Who's that cartoon thingy?" Natalia asked. When she said cartoon she meant it. It was litteraly a cartoon.

"I think that's Fredbedburger!" I yelled.

Aimee laughed. "Really."

"Did someone call my name?" He walked over to us. "I am Fredbedburger. I like Nacho's and frozen yougert. I like chocolate. I like Mint. YES!"

"That was awkward. Who are you going to be in the play?"

"I am an oompa loompa!"

"Oh my god..." Frank said. "What is that?" He asked me?

"That's Fredbedburger. He's from that twisted show Billy and Mandy."

"Oh. We're supposed to be working with that?"

"Sadly yes. My brothers gonna love this!"

"Go touch it." Aimee told Natalia.

Without hesiataion she poked him.
It's 3 hours later and me and Natalia were standing by the bus stop.

"Your mom's late too?" I asked.

"No I take the bus."

"Oh. I'm gonna call her."

Phone Conversation
"Hello mom?"

"Hey sweetheart!"

"Where are you?"

"Oh! I was supposed to pick you up? Ask Aimee's mom!"

"Aimee's mom left."

"What about Natalia?"

"She's taking the bus."

"Take the bus with her!"


"Love you! Bye!"

"Love yo-" Before I said anything she hung up.

The bus arrived I sat by myself untill Frank sat next to me. "You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah I'm fine."

"You sure?"

"Yeah-no-not really."

"I thought so. What's wrong?"

"My mom forgot about me today." I released my first tear.

"That must suck."

"Yeah. Sort of weird 'cause my mom is so protecive."

"Well, maybe she thinks that your getting old enough."

"I know but I'm 15 minutes away by car and 30 by walking."

"It'll all work out." I felt reasurred.
F.Y.I. my mom's not really like that. It was just a dream. She'd be at that place maybe 10 minutes before I got out. Just saying.
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