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You can't come but you did.

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What to do to help a friend in need.

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"Nat, did you see Aimee anywhere?" I asked.

"No. I wonder if Frankie did."

"Frank!!!" I yelled.

"What? I didn't do anything. I swear!"

"I know. Did you see Aimee? She's 3 hours late."

"Nope. Try calling her."

"Don't go anywhere Frank. Your the only one who knows how to drive!" Natalia scolded.

Phone Conversation
"Shut up it's ringing."



"Hi Elena. Why are you calling?"

"Because your not here."



"My dad doesn't want me to be in a play with you guys. He said it's too far away, and having to stay with a 25 year old is not a good influence."

"Don't worry Aimez. I'll get you out."

"Thanks. Bye."

End Phone Conversation

"Get your keys Frank. We have to get Aimee."


"Oh and...I CALL SHOT GUN!!!!" I ran into the front seat and smiled.


"So where are we headed to?"

"Ray?" Frank and I said at the same time.


"What are you doing here?" Frank asked.

"I've always wanted to brake someone out of their house!"

"Okay. Let's go." And we drove off.

"You have nice hair." Nat said.

" do you."


We heard banging in the trunk.

"Stop the car!!!" We bearly heard. Frank made a quick stop.

"What the hell?" Frank asked. He got out and opened the trunk. "Mikey?"

"Thanks for putting me in there Ray." He yelled.

"Ray, why was Mikey in the trunk?" I asked.

"Back up!"

"F.Y.I. Ray, this isn't a murder case. We're not gonna be using guns!" Natalia said. Finally she got some sense into her.

"Umm...I guess we won't be needing this then." Ray threw a rusty knife out of the car. We heard someone scream.

"I stand corrected." Natalia said.

"Just get in the car." Frank yelled.

The rest of the car ride was a silent one. Besides a few coughs and sneezes the ride was absoulutly quiet.

"THIS IS THE HOUSE!" I yelled.



"Don't rush me! I'm parking."


"Okay I'm done. Ray, Mikey and Elena go get her. Nat. Keep me some company." Frank said.

Me and the guys ran onto her front deck.

Ray rang the doorbell. "Now in case her dad comes. Run!"

They jumped in the nearest bush. Aimee answered. "Elena! What are you doing here!"

"I'm hear to take you to rehearsal. So hurry before anyone see's you."

"I'm home alone. I'll leave a note saying I was at your house."

"Kay. Come out guys!" Mikey and Ray rolled out of the bush.

"You have a twigg in your hair." Mikey said.

"Can you get that?"


"Mikey, Ray!" Aimee shouted.

"Hello." Mikey said.

"Your chariot awaits." Ray said pointing to Franks car.

Aimee jumped in the car along with everyone else.

"Hey." Aimee said.

"To the movie we go!"
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