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"She has to go. She doesn't like where she's going with this."

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"Aimee's not here again..." I said.

"She's been gone for 3 days!" Natalia said.

"Maybe she's just sick." Frankie said trying to comfort us.

"No. Somethings wrong. Her parents would never make her miss this much." I yelled.

"Didn't her dad not want her to come here though?" Frank asked.

"Yeah. But they paid for it!" Natalia.

We saw Gerard walk out of one of the trailers with Aimee. Aimee just passed by us.

"Gerard? Wheres Aimee going?" I asked.

"Umm...back to her house."

"Why?" I asked again.

"Because she quit."

"WHY?" Natalia said taking Gerard by the shirt.

"Woah little dudette, She has to go. She doesn't like where she's going with this." Gerard said releasing Natalias grip.

"No!" I ran in front of Aimee. "Aimee! Where do you think your going?"

"Away from here."


"Because I can't take it. My parents are going nuts over this. I don't like my part. It's not gonna get me anywhere in the music buissness." Everyone was looking at us.

"But your doing it for fun! Your gonna be in the movies! This is your chance."


This was maybe the weirdest part of my dream. Brace yourselfs.

"I can't! It's too much. I need my space!"

"Well, I'm alone. I do too, but not in this case."

"Don't you understand! I can't go on!"

"Then why the heck are we signing this song?"

"Because it's the only way to get out my feelings."

"If you go I'll blow holes thru' the celings"

"You have Nat, Frank and everyone else. You be the best! It's what you've always wanted to be."

"Thats not true! You make the play! Your part is great! Now don't you see without you I'm not me!"

End of musical

"You'll be fine! You don't need me."

"You just wait. This plays gonna be a disaster."

"No fair! I wanted to sing!" Natalia shouted.

"You have a really squeeky voice." Frank said.

"And you have a deep voice! Deal with it!"

"Little dudette got attitude!" Gerard said.

"You have problems! Aimee you can't leave."

"I'm being forced!"

Mikey walked up to me. I was sitting in the corner...crying of some sort.

"I know how that feels." He said. "It's hard."

"This was the first resonable fight that Aimee and I ever had!"


"We have stupid fights, one was about soap, who gets the romote(sp?), and being silent"

"Oh. I get it now."

"This play's gonna suck without her." I walked away.
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