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I suck. All alone.

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I do a great english imperssion. If only you can hear it.

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Nat and I were at the lunch tables. Eating. Talking.

"I can't beleive she's gone." Natalia said.

"You heard it from her mouth. She wasn't getting anywhere with this movie." Right then Frankie walked up to us and toom a seat.

"Sup?" He asked.

"Oh nothing. Just eating." Natalia said. She took a bite out of her chicken nugget.

"Ah. Okay. So Aimee is done? Gone?"

"I called her and that's what she said."

"She was fun to hang around. Very fun."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah! When they came over my house for my birthday we played with my bratz for the first time in like...5 years. Not for Elena and Aimee because they play with them everytime Aimee goes over Elena's house!" Natalia said.

"You still play with dolls?" Frank asked. I blushed and nodded. "I don't have a problem with it. Your never to old to play with toys. I mean. Why do we have action figures?"

"Oh and Aimee and Elena play with your action figures alot too!"

"It's time to shut up Nat."


"No, no. I want to hear what kind of games you play!"

"The only thing I'll tell you is that my brother bit of Ray's tie, and Bob's right leg keeps on coming off. Mikey's left leg is longer than his right leg. But I didn't do it! Oh and Gerard's eye brow is partly chipped off."

"What you do to me?" Frank asked.

"Nothing! Except for the fact that your the same size as everyone else!" Me and Natalia laughed.

"Shut up. You can't be taller than me." Frank smiled.

"I won't prove it to you. You might be confused because Natalia is small!"

Frank stood up. "Let me see." I stood up too. I was taller. I laughed. "Maybe 2 inches taller but that ain't alot!"

At practice it was my scene where I was being killed by squirells.(It's a very odd fear of mine!)(J.K.)

"So you are gonna be attacked by squirells. Action!" Tim said.

"Daddy! I want a squirell. I want one now!" I yelled in my fake english accent.

"I'll give you one when we get home puppet." A random dude who I have no idea is said.

"I'm not your puppet!"

"That's not one of the lines! And your doing it all wrong. Jump up and down like a spoiled little brat." Tim said.

"Like the spoiled brat that you REALLY are!" My arch nemiss said.

I took a breath. "I'm not the one showing off everything I don't have." I said looking at the midget. This girl shouldn't be talking. She had a room the size of my living room AND kitchen. She was completly flat(if you get what I mean) short, and she got everything she wanted. In the play I was HER.

"Shut up. I'm hear to be the mother in the play!" The wannabe man said.

"Good Ella!!"

"What? This girl is shorter than Natalia!" I said. "No offence!"

"Well, if you don't want her in the play we can have Angel take your part!"

"I need a break." I ran out of the set. Natalia and Frank followed. Along with them was the rest of the MCR crew.

"So, this is Veruca?" Bob asked.

"What's wrong?" Natalia asked. "This girl has been my enemy since kindergarden! She's always been mean. Natalia you should know...she's a...a..."


"A biotch!"

"Oh god. Did you just curse?"

"I couldn't help it!"

"We need Aimee back. I don't want to be doing make up for someone who's been hurting our fan!" Gerard said.

"We'll find a way around this." Ray said.

"We need to fight for our rights!" Bob said.

"Yeah." Mikey said. "We were gonna give this to all of you girls."

Frank held out 3 revenge arm bands. "You girls might be young but your some rad chicks." He said

Natalia and I smiled. "But I have to face it. I suck. All alone." We took the arm bands and went on our ways. All together...
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