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She ruined it.

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So when Aimee left, the play was already a disaster, then when Ella came. Holy snap.

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So it was me, Natalia and the mcr crew. I was pretty much friends with them now. What can happen when a snobby, stupider than a fly, smaller than an ant girl comes in? Loads of bad.

Once again Natalia and I were in our spot.

"She's totally ruining it. Does she want this play to be a freakin' disaster?" Natalia asked.

"No, I think she wants to ruin our lives more than their ruined." I replied.

"Why'd she ruin your life?"

"Are you kidding? it started in pre-school. When she turned my 2 best friends against me, they still are. Kindergarten when she turned my best friend against me, she still is. 1st grade when she sucked up to the teacher while the teacher was pretty abusive, 2nd grade she stole my friends. I think only one still hung out with me." Natalia looked at me in disbelief. "Horrible right? 3rd grade she stole THAT friend away from me. But I became friends with Aimee that year. 4th grade she and her friends made fun of us non-stop. 5th grade she made fun of me because I got a really bad part in the play. But at least I got to say words. 6th grade rumors. She turned the guy I liked against me. We were pretty good friends. Then she said totally untrue stuff like I was a lezzi if you get what I mean. That's up till now. I mean! How could I be a lezzi if I like dudes?"

"Which dudes are those?" Frank asked.

"Crap." I said. "Nobody."

"I can keep a secret. The only people I can tell are Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Bob." He said. Then everyone gathered around us.

"I know!" Natalia shouted. "She has the biggest crush on Orlando Bloom she loves all of you guys....ummmm..."

I slapped Nat in the back of the head. "Shut up!" I yelled.

"Jared Leto!!!!!!! Brendon Urie!!!!! Ryan Ross!!!!!!!"

"Your into rocker dudes." Bob asked.

"My mom truely doesn't want me to. But I can say that Natalia thinks a fictional horse is hot! When I say horse I mean horse!"

"You did too!"

"I said if I was a horse!"


"My mom doesn't like the dudes with the long hair, tatoos, and pircings. The only one she approves of is Jared Leto."

"I had a boyfriend once....." Natalia said.

"Oh that dude with the girl name."

"Shut up."


Off to rehearsal.

"So I'm supposed to roll her?" Ella asked.

"Yes." Tim said.

"So I have to touch her?"

"Yes." Tim said.

"So I have to physicly roll her around."


"Dammit Ella! Just roll her! Your not gonna die!!!!" I yelled.

"Someone has an attitude problem." Ella said.

"no! I'm just angry! Your making it take 3 hours to film a 15 minute scene!" I yelled once again.

"Just do it! This is a very uncomfortable position!" Natalia yelled.

"Fine." Ella rolled her eyes. "You don't get everything you want."

"Look whos talking!" Frank sighed.

"I need to make a fricken phone call." I walked off set.

I dialed Aimee's number.

Phone conversation


"Hey Aimee, it's Elena."

"Hey. Sup?"

"You'd better come back here! Ella took over your place and it's driving us crazy!!!!"


"Everyone! Me, Nat, Frank the whole MCR crew!"

"Why didn't you say so! I really want to be in this play."


"I was forced. Now. I shall be their in a few minutes. But I gotta look good." Aimee hung up.
I was watching anchorman last night. Okay. Thats why "But I gotta look good." Was put in their.

I ran to my friends. "Aimee's back in the game." I said.

Gerard gave his famous "YES!" Gesture(seen in I'm Not Okay(I Promise) the music video!)

Frank gave a releived look. Natalia jumped up and down. Mikey hugged me.(YAY!)

Bob looked confused and Ray was just...there.
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