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We're back.

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with Aimee back. We will, we will rock you! WOO!

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The next day...

Me, Natalia and the band were sitting at the table. Waiting for Aimee.

"So you sure that she's coming back?" Gerard asked.

"Yeah!" Natalia said.

"She still has the stuff that Gerard gave her she's just getting it together." I said.

"Oh. Did you ever give her the arm band?" Frank asked.

"I've been to busy here."

Ella walked up to us. "Elena. I hear Aimee's coming back to take her place back."

"Yeah. Your point?"

"She won't get it back without a fight." Ella said. A bunch of her "homies" walked up behind her.

"Aww, look it's the pussycat dolls!" Ray said.

"Shut up...goth!"

"Hey! Goth people worship the devil and we don't!" Natalia snapped.

"There you go." I said.

"I wasn't talking to you wannabe goths. I was talking to you...are you even guys?"

"Who are you calling wannabe goth?" I asked.

"She's more goth than you'll ever be." Aimee said.

Natalia and I gave a sign of relief.

"Good timing." I said.

"I can sense the prescents of sluts." She said.

"You can never beat us. You have 5 goths, 2 wannabe goths and 1 wannabe everything." Ella said.

"Hey, we're not goth...we're..." gerard started.

"We may dress it but we're all catholic."(INTERNET!!)

"Well, I am too. So we have one hing in common."

"No, you are the demond child. Who seems to never go away." Natalia said.

"We have better come backs.!!!" Ella yelled.

"Not for long. Go ahead Aimee." I said.

"Your a wannabe goth. Your a loser." Ella said.

"Why don't you go away before I reach in your throat, rip out your spinal chord and start whipping you with it!"

Me being the extremely sqweeminsh one let out a laugh/gag.

"Eww. Fine. I'll go away if you let me have my part!" Ella screached. she is a major headache.

"I call a Tim Burton quiz!" Mikey yelled. "The "popular ones" against the awesome ones!"

"Fine. May the popular ones win."


Frank asked the first question. "What was Jack Skellington's dogs name?"

I buzzed. "Zero!"

"Elena is correct."

The next question was asked by Gerard. "What was the name of the main character in The Corpse Bride?"

Aimee buzzed. "Hector."


Ray asked the next one. "Who played beatlejuice in...beatlejuice?"

Lee buzzed "Mictchell Keaton!"


I buzzed. "Micheal Keaton!"(Just ignore any spelling mistakes)


Mikey asked the next question. "Who played Edward Scissorhands?"

I buzzed. "Johnny Depp."


Bob asked the final question. "Who payed Hector in the corpse bride?"

Natalia Buzzed. "JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!!!!!!!!" She squealed.

"The awesome ones win!" Tim Buron said. "Get outta here you girls aren't even in the movie."

Everyone on our side cheered and gave hugs.

"We're back!" Frank said.
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