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Unfortunate coincidence

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Anne Lee is 20 years old and meets her father

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AN: Yes this is incest. I dont particularly like it but if i get hit with the idea i will write. Thank to my friends again for giving me a title.)/]

Hi my name is Anna lee brosley. I am 20 years old. I live with my adoptive parents. I was told at age 15 that i was adopted. I never met my real parents I knew i was different from my parents because I liked things that vibrated, i kept saying Giggity, and well i was a pervert. At a young age i liked boys. By the time i was 13, i lost my virginity to Brandon Paul. He was nice and all but doing that labled me a slut. It lived with me until high school when liked to sleep with guys all the time. When i turned 18 i went against my parents and got a job at a strip club. I started off as a waitress, but then some big shot guy asked for me one night to dance for him in the private rooms. I did what was told and it turned out all for the best. I now am a number one dancer at this strip club. I don't go by my name i am called sparkle. Here is my story on how i met my father, Glenn Quagmire.

It was a busy Friday night. I was getting ready in my dressing room, deciding whether to wear the bright blue two piece that barely covered my private area and my chest, or the see through black two piece that covered but was see through. I chose the bright blue two piece and slowly slipped it on. I suddenly felt a pinch in my chest area so i adjusted the straps and felt better. I sighed and returned to putting on my makeup. One rule the boss had was to wear makeup to look like you are not wearing any. I didn't really need to put any on, but i usually put on some eye shadow and lipstick. As i was finished, a knock came on my door and before i could say 'come in' my boss mr jeff riever, came in smiling. Mr Reiver owned at least 4 strip clubs here in Quahog. He saw me one day walking around and asked me if i wanted a job. At first i thought he just wanted to sleep with me, but once we talked, I agreed. He tries to sleep with all of his girls at least once. I never did sleep with him. I always found a way out. Its not that I didn't like him i just knew he was a bit of a basket case when it comes to sleeping. So i just ignored him and went on my merry way. I nodded to him and he put his hands on my shoulder.

"Sparkle baby, I got a private job for you tonight."

"If it is to sleep with you jeff, i will flatly refuse as always."

"No baby no. Its not me. You see there is a bachelor party coming in tonight and they requested the best girl. Seeing as you are the best girl, i want to give it to you. What do you say?"

"Sure but what are the rules?"

"Cool baby cool. This guy named Quagmire, requested that you wear black see through clothes, you get to dance on the groom and the best man and then he wants a dance from you. You will be paid handsomely."

"Sweet. I need to pay off my car loan. So when are they supposed to arrive?"

"In an hour. The black see though is in your closet next to the red sparkle see through dress. Have fun baby. You are in room 5. Oh and i got someone to fill in for you tonight on the floor baby."

"Thanks Jeff. Now if you will excuse me."

Jeff walked out the door but turned around to say something when i slammed the door on his face. I knew what he wanted. I always knew. I got out of the bright blue two piece and put on the other one. Seeing as the room was going to be lightly lit, i wiped off some of my makeup and redid my hair on a bus that i could take down while dancing. I had long black hair and never cut it. I just didn't see the point. So it stood to a whopping 9 inches. Once i was done, i walked out of the room and headed to the private area. Like i said, it was lightly lit as to not scare off customers. I went into room 5, made myself a drink of bourbon and settled into the secret compartment to wait for my customers.

'Man i hope they tip nicely tonight. The last time Jeff had me work here, i barely got any tips and it wasn't my fault.'

The door opened and i heard Jeff talking to a couple of people. I took peek and saw a huge fat guy, a skinny football shaped head guy wearing a sash that said 'groom', another skinny guy with brown hair, and then i saw a skinny guy with black hair. He was cute. My heart started to thump. My boss nodded his thanks and turned the switch to start playing the music. The song that first came on was S.E.X by nickleback. I sighed, took a deep breath and walked out from my compartment with a sly smile on my face. The guys noticed me right away and couldn't take their eyes off me. I smirked as i moved out from behind the counter. Their jaws dropped..

"Hello gentleman. I am your hostess for the evening. Call me Sparkle. Care for a drink?" I said Seductively

All the guys nodded their heads and just stared. I giggled and made their drinks to the music, making sure to move my body just right. I felt their eyes following me every timed i moved. I smiled at the guys.

"Well, what will you guys have?"

"I will have a Shirley temple" Said the groom.

"I will have a pawtucket beer" Said the fat guy

"And i will have an apple martini" Said skinny guy with brown hair

"And i will have you OH! lol i'm just kidding, ill have bourbon" said the guy with black hair.

I nodded and made the drinks to the music. The fat guy whispered something to the black hair guy. Once i finished i swayed to the music with their drinks, to them. Once they started to drink, I went to the groom and sat on his lap. The groom stated to blush. I grounded against him and felt him getting hard. I kept grinding up against him until i knew he was going to bust. I got off of him and he groaned. I smiled and got on my knees and undid his zipper with my teeth.. He popped right out and he was a good 5 inches.

'So he wore no underwear tonight. Good makes it easier on me'

i took him in my hand and i started to pump with my right and suck his balls with my left. He groaned and the others just cheered me on. I kept pumping him until he came with a cry. He came all over my face and hair. I grabbed some of the cum off my face and i licked it up. The guy happened to get hard again so i took it to the next lever. I got up and i quickly mounted him. He groaned as he felt himself being swallowed. I groaned because he hit my g spot. I waited a minute before i started to ride him. The others got up and got their own drinks, and took pictures. I rode him fast and hard for 5 minutes before he came with a cry. I moaned as he exploded into me. I then got off, kissed him and went back to the bar to clean myself off and get another round. As i was coming back i saw that they were watching me with their lust filled eyes. I giggled and put the drinks down. I let down my black hair and it cascaded down my shoulders. I could feel the lust going up a level once i did that. I gave them the sultry look.

"Okay now that i did the groom, who is the best man?" I asked.

The skinny brown haired guy shakily lifted up his hand. I smirked and did the same thing i did to the groom. He came about 3 times. Once done i asked who was Quagmire, and found out it was the guy that made my hear thump. I went and cleaned myself up behind the bar before i walked to him with an extra sway to my hips and i mounted him first. He was still wearing his pants but i didn't mind, I liked the friction i was getting. After rubbing myself on him for a couple of minutes i got off and unzipped him with my teeth. He too wasn't wearing underwear. I was shocked to see him at least 7 feet long! I stared for a minute before attacking his cock with my mouth. He groaned and i worked harder. It took me a good 5 minutes before he came with a cry. He looked back down at me and he was instantly hard again. So taking a deep breath i mounted him once again. It was a little hard trying to get all 7 inches in me but i managed. I rode him hard for like 10 minutes before we both came with a cry. After we were done, i noticed that the others left. I was about to get off when Quagmire asked me to come with him to his house. Seeing as i was off now, i nodded and he let me get cleaned up and changed before i got into his car and we went back to his house where i showed him all my moves on his pole and then we made love all night..

I woke up the next morning in a comfy bed. I looked around wondering where i was and then i remembered. I groaned and got up. My head was spinning but i need to get out of here. One of my rules was not to stay over at a mans house. Once i was dressed, i ran down the stairs and almost made it to the door when i saw Quagmire sitting on his couch looking at pictures. One picture was of a woman that had blonde hair, the other was another woman wearing a white bikini with his head beside her instead of where the husbands. But one more picture that really caught my eye. It was a picture of a child. It was cute. I got closer and i heard him sigh and say 'i miss you Anna lee'. I gasped and dropped my shoes. He turned to me and he got up. I stepped back. I couldn't believe it, he said my name. I backed against the wall and stood there. He put his hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes. I blushed.

"I didn't see anything. I will just be on my way if you would let me go"

"Sure baby sure. But i want to know why you gasped when i said Anna lee."

I looked down.

"That is my name. How do you know me and where did you get my picture?"

Quagmire looked at me and then the picture. He started to shake and he dropped the picture. I gasped as the frame shattered. Quagmire moved back to his couch and just sat there. I stayed in my spot for a minute before i decided that this was too weird and i ran out the door. I heard him yell my name but i just didn't look back. I was too freaked out and i just ran.

Glenn Quagmire watched the hooker, no his daughter run from him. He knew he had to make this right and wanted to run after her but he felt sick to his stomach. He screamed to the heavens before fainting;


(AN: Well there YA go. I saw an ep of family guy that Glenn had a kid and then at the end he said something about seeing her in a couple of years. Yes i know its incest. I don't particularly like it, but if the idea hits me i will write it. So please review. No flames please!)[/
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