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Guys, calm the frizzles down.

It doesn't matter if it was on Twitter. Twitter makes nothing official. North Korea has confirmed it though, OFF Twitter.

Here are the reasons to believe that we will NOT be getting bombed:

1. North Korea bluffs LIKE CRAZY, BRO. Usually, a while after inauguration of a new leader, they usually make a threat, to seem dominant. It's a tradition.

2.They might NOT have any nuclear missiles, AT ALL. Pictures of these "missiles" have been shown to arms experts, and they've said that the missiles look pretty fake. So, with WHAT MISSILES?!

3. South Korea seems weirdly calm. As if they...aren't surprised or worried?

My advice:

Yes, I could be wrong. I could be dead wrong and am just overlooking facts, but, I might not and you've worried yourselves CRAZY over nothing. SO stay calm, safe, and perfectly panic free.

Love you all! :D
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