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I Remember...

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The season of nostalgia is headed our way.

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As said in the description, the season of nostalgia is headed our way.
For me, that's spring.
A lot of my stuff happened in Spring and Summer.
So, here we go.

1. I remember when I was in the 4th and 5th grade, I used to dance. I danced in the spring and summer, and I loved it.

2. I remember when I was in 6th grade, and I used to rush home, because I hated school. I didn't want to spend anymore time in the school yard, even it was just the school yard, and not inside the actual school.

3. I remember when I was in 7th grade, and I made new friends. I used to walk one of my friends, Amanda, home from school everyday. I also hung out with my new friends in the actual school yard. I also started wearing skinny jeans and plaid shirts.

4. I remember when Amanda was listening to her ipod in class because the bullshit teacher didn't do shit about anything except look all innocent, and I asked "What are you listening to?" and she replied "Oh my gosh, it's a great song! It's called "Time To Dance" by Panic! At The Disco". And she made me listen. That was the first Panic! song I listened to. I wanted to impress her, my first best friend, so I downloaded it and only rarely listened to it. Then, one night, I decided that I should listen to it. And that's how I discovered Panic!

5. I remember this one boy, in 7th grade, Jason. He was funny, cool, and awesome. He wore a Green Day shirt a lot, so, to impress him I started listening to Green Day. Soon, we became real good friends, and not anything more. That's how I discovered Green Day.

6. I remember how I used to hang out with Amanda a lot in the summer. So, we were walking, and my ipod died, so I was bummed. She said "Hey, AJ, you can listen to my ipod. I discovered a song, it's SOOOO good." We listened. I asked "Who's it by and what's it called?" and she replied "It's called Teenagers by My Chemical Romance". And I went home,downloaded it and saw that my oldest brother had Welcome To The Black Parade in itunes. So, I listened to it, because I always thought it was a boring "marching band" song. I listened, skipped ahead a bit, and saw that it was more than that. I loved it. And that's how I discovered My Chemical Romance.

7. I remember graduation day. It was all over. It was all ending. I put on my cap and gown. I left and I remember thinking " this is it".

8. I remember the very last day of school. I remember how I listened to Are We The Waiting followed by St.Jimmy followed by Letterbomb all of 7th grade on my way to school. So, I took my time that day. I walked the 5 minute walk to school, followed by a pit stop at a local store to get a 3 Musketeers bar(since my two friends and I were the "3 Musketeers" since 7th grade), listening to Are We The Waiting, followed by St.Jimmy, and Party Poison, to commemorate the 8th grade that I spent listening to Party Poison on my way to school. I became a killjoy that year. So, for me, this was like a series finale. I thought "Wow. This is the end of the road for me". It was onto a brand new road for me. I don't regret it one bit. Time to move on. Time to make some new memories. Time to grow up.

now, on to the next.
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