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This is just a little heart felt note for all you guys, for when you need it.

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Okay, so I just wanna say this.

I love all of you okay? You are my friends, my family, my whole life. What I hate to see is one of you guy's down and so low and hateful of yourself, you resort to self harm. Don't do it. I won't live with myself, ever, if I know someone so dear to me has just let the world destroy them. You guys say you're worthless or no one loves you or any of that, and I prove you wrong. You all are worth something to me, and I love you. I don't care weather you are all older than me, or younger than me. I don't care weather you like rock music or hate it with a fucking firey passion. You are still my friends, and family. And family sticks together, no matter what.

With all the shit I went through, you guys remember that right? When I told you about my first self harm, or all the self harms after that. When I told you about my cousin when he had his fit and had to go to a fucking hospital, or when I told you about the story with my father, and how he just left me behind and forgot about me. You were there for all of that, for every last sad thing about my life, all about my horrible past, and somewhat depressing present, you were there, you still are. You don't know how fucking overjoyed I get when you guys say you've gone even a day without self harming or trying to kill yourself, I get so happy. I feel so proud when you say that, because I know how hard it is to get over something that just eats away at you. You guys can do this.

So, if any of you are suffering from drugs, alcohol, rape or any of those sorts, or just need a person to talk to, you know where to turn to. You can DM me on twitter @xSleepingSirenx (if I follow you of course) or tell me on or even review one of my fics. But, I fucking promise I will never leave your side, never leave you behind. You are all worth something. Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly. That was from one of my favourite songs by Sleeping With Sirens, called Who Are You Now, and if you guys are feeling down, stick that song on now, or stick on Don't Fall Asleep At The Helm and just get lost in it's lyrical value. Let the emotion out, through art or a poem or by screaming into a fucking pillow, but don't ever try and harm yourself, because you have no idea how much it'll break me. Mia, when you was in hospital, you have no idea how worried and broken and numb I was because of what had happened between us. Hell, I don't even want to remember it because it just brings it all back to me. Promise me you won't let that happen to us ever again. And, Liz, you are loved by everyone here, don't you fucking forget that. I was worried for you also when you went into hospital, and during that time I did the song you wanted for my singing thing. I did it, for you.

So, for all of you out there who feel like you're worthless or not loved, take a look around at all of us, and know that we all loved you and you are all worth something to all of us. You are all loved by me, and you're all worth a million pounds to me.

Stay beautiful, all of you,
xo Sadie
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