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So, first thing I wanna say.

Did any of you guys watch the story on Channel Four news about the goth thing, and how if you make fun of them or something it'll be a hate crime? I did. Kier Kemp (/THE/ Kier Kemp) was on there, defending us 'Goths'. I for one hate the fact we all get bullied for being or dressing different. It seems that most people haven't heard of Freedom of Expression, which is a right. My school, seems to not know how to respect it, and our school is mean't to be a rights respecting school. Damn, I hope they watched that news story, and learned a thing or two.

I have planned the next TWO chapters of As Long As You're Here With Me I Know I'll Be Okay.

The next chapter (which me shall write now) involves, me and Vic... I ain't gon' say anymore, but it will include smut. Brief smut, as this is a new person so I is inexpierenced again. Wait. No, I'll just go huge on the smut, just go RIGHT IN THERE.

Then, the chapter after that will involve a gigantica shocker-roo. My lips are a-sealed, no spoilys.

So, you guys will read these chapters right, and review them? I have no rates for them yet, so will you be that lucky rater? You will get a... umm.... TACO if ya do. Yep, you gets Tacos.

K. I'll go writes that chapter now.
But, one thing that'll creep you out.

In the song Your Nickle Ain't Worth My Dime. On the line " Let my body love your body baby all night long " I just do this weird, very high pitched giggle. Am I the only one? What? That song just seems extremely sexy in a way, I don't know..

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