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Chapter Nine

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So I didn't take her threat seriously. I just walked into the bathroom and had a long, hot shower and tried to forget about how awful this week had been so far. When I got back out, I knew something was up. Mia was lying on her back with her earphones plugged into her ears. Demonia was sat on Crayon's bed with her and they were both smirking "What's up?" I asked, pulling my hair back into a ponytail.

"Nothing." Demonia giggled and swotted at Crayon who was giggling too "Well, it's something. But you'll see. It's top secret."

"A top secret plan for Mikey. If Alicia passes on the message to him." They both started giggling again.

I rolled my eyes "Whatever." I flopped down onto my bed and pulled out my book.

Alicia came into the room and rolled her eyes at us all before making her way over to her own bed "Alicia, did you see him?" Demonia asked, her eyes widening in a dramatic way. I glanced over at her. What was she doing?

"See who?" Alicia aked, raising her eye-brows.

"There was a man outside. I think he was wearing a balaclava. Maybe he was a robber or muderer or something."

"You probably saw your own reflection you nerd." Alicia snickered.

"No, seriously-"

"Look, save it for someone who cares." Alicia said "It was probably just some perv from down the street trying to get his jollies. He won't be back. If he was even there which I totally doubt. Now listen up you dweebs." She put her hands on her hips "Mikey's gonna be staying in our room. He hates the boys in his own room so he'll be sleeping in ours. I know it's no boys in girls rooms and whatever. Which is why I'll kill any of you that dares blab on him. You got that?" We nodded. Crayon and Demonia smirked at each other. Great. This would probably help with their 'master plan'.

About five minutes later, Mikey showed up with his two suitcases full of crap "Thank you for letting me stay in here Lici." Mikey said, kissing her cheek to show her he was grateful "Everyone in my room were just complete losers." He snickered and looked around the room "Not very different from this room actually." Alicia and Mikey started laughing again "But at least we've got each other."

"I know." Alicia grinned then sighed "Oh my God, Demonia was just chatting some complete bullshit about a man outside in a balaclava or whatever."

"It's not bullshit." Demonia said, getting up from Crayon's bed and walking over to her own "I'd shut the curtains if I were you Crayon. We don't want that perv looking in here."

"I don't know anyone who'd want to perv on you anyway." Alicia snarled then looked at me "Jazz, did you see anyone in here?"

I was gonna ignore her. Mostly because I was pissed off that she was calling me 'Jazz'. She didn't like me or know me well enough to call me 'Jazz'. But Demonia was sending me these looks and I was kind of afraid of ignoring her anyway so I just said "I dunno, I was in the shower."

Alicia sighed heavily and then said "Look, I hate to leave you here alone with them Mikey but I need a shower. Do you mind?"

"No, it's fine." Mikey smiled and Alicia looked at him like he was doing something incredibly brave and heroic. Then she went off to the bathroom while Mikey started making a bed up on the floor.

When I woke up the next morning, I thought I was the first one awake because it was pretty early. But Mikey was awake. He wasn't doing anything, he was just sat up straight and staring into space "Good morning Jasmine." He said.

"Good morning." I replied because he'd bothered to be polite to me which was a first.

He looked at me "Do you believe that crap that Demonia was spouting about a man outside?"

I didn't of course. I knew it was all part of her 'plan' but she'd kill me if I said so "Well, she did seem pretty creeped out."

"I wouldn't worry about it."

"I'm not."


It somehow felt like I'd scored a point there. So the score was currently at: Mikey - 1427 (give or take a few) and Me - 1.

Mikey got up and came closer to my bed. He lowered his voice and said "It wasn't me who told everyone about Crayon just for the record."

"I don't believe you." I replied, startled to find the words leaving my mouth. I felt pretty brave.

"Believe me or don't believe me. I couldn't care less."

"And I guess you had nothing to do with the toilet paper in the dining room, either?" Wow, I was doing great that morning.

Mikey just sighed and looked at me. He gave me a really long look as if to say 'you know me Jasmine' and then he went into the bathroom. I sat in my bed, thinking about it. If he hadn't told everyone then who would've? No, it would've definitely been him. Nobody else could have.
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