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Chapter Eight

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There was a lot of talking but they eventually agreed that Kaitlin would go through while the rest of us went back to the cabins "Poor Crayon." Demonia whispered to me "Everyone will be making fun of her for ages."

"No one needs to know."

Demonia raised her eye-brows "Come on Jasmine, you know that this won't be kept a secret for very long."

I walked along with Demonia for a long time, glancing over at Mikey and Alicia every so often. Finally I worked up the courage to walk over to them. I tapped Mikey on the shoulder "Uh Mikey?"

Alicia whirled around "I'm sorry, did we invite you to join this conversation?"

I ignored her and just carried on looking at Mikey "Look, there's no reason why anyone else needs to know about what happened back there. I'm just saying. Don't tell everyone what happened to Crayon. That'd be unfair."

"No, do you know what's really unfair?" Mikey asked, raising his eye-brows "That we can't go into the caves with gorgeous Kaitlin-"

"Or gorgey Duncan." Alicia added.

"All because Crayon had to go and piss her pants in that poxy cave. She needs to grow up." Mikey sighed "But fine. We won't tell. Happy now?"

I nodded "Thanks." And with that, I walked back over to Demonia who raised her eye-brows at me "Whatever, it worked."

That night, me, Demonia, Crayon and Mia were walking to get some dinner. Crayon was taking the situation rather well. I'd be so embarrassed if I'd peed myself in front of Mikey and Alicia but she was surprisingly calm. We walked into the hall together and collected out dinner. Crayon went into the dinner hall before we did while we stayed in the kitchen getting dinner "I'm proud of Crayon you know." Demonia said "The way she's keeping her head up and just acting like she doesn't care. I wouldn't be able to do that."

"Yes, you would. You wouldn't be acting either. You genuinelly wouldn't care." I giggled, raising my eye-brows and heading into the lunch hall. I practically bumped into Crayon who was standing still with shock. My eyes widened when I saw it.

In the space where Crayon had sat last night, there were toilet rolls everywhere. More than any I'd seen at once before. And in case none of us got the message, the name 'Crayon' was written on them. Me and Demonia glanced at each other before looking at Crayon. She stood still for a long moment before chucking her tray of food at the wall and then storming out. Miss Daley came in, saw the toilet rolls and then ran after Crayon.

It was Mikey. We all knew it was him. But of course he put on an innocent act in front of the teachers "I don't know who did it Miss Daley. They were just there when we came out."

"And you didn't think to tell me?" Miss Daley asked, raising her eye-brows and looking suspicious.

"I thought they were doing some kind of inventory cleaning or something." Mikey lied smoothly, shrugging his shoulders. Then just for good measure he added "I'll clean it up for you if you want."

As he's shoving toilet rolls into a plastic bag, I give him my worst glare I can manage. He replies with a smile. Bastard.

When me and Demonia made it back to the cabin, Crayon was surprisingly calm. She's walking around in her dressing gown, brushing her hair and acting like nothing happened "Are you okay Crayon?" I blurted out "I mean, after what just happened..."

Crayon sighed and looked at me "I'm fine thank you." She didn't sound too fine "You know what they're like. Hopefully someone will embarrass themselves in the next couple of days and they'll forget all about me."

"I doubt it." Demonia said unhelpfully "Mikey's such a bastard. And Alicia's a bitch." Demonia was looking thoughtful "You know, we should get revenge. On Mikey I mean. Embarrass her like she embarrassed you."

"You can't get guys like Mikey back Demonia." I said, brushing the comment away.

If only I'd taken it more seriously.
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