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Chapter Seven

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[A/N] - This is a quick chapter because I need to be at rehearsals for 6 and to make it there on time, I need to leave at like half 5...

Me and Demonia went to our cabin and started unpacking straightaway. So did Crayon and Mia. Alicia came in, dumped her bags and then just left automatically as if our existence repulsed her... Which it probably did. I chose the bed furthest away from Alicia. Not on purpose, it just ended up like that. I was in the bed next to Demonia who was in the middle of me and Mia. Crayon chose the bed next to the door and Alicia had chosen the other one next to the door.

"Hey!" Demonia suddenly yelled "Hey you, Mia!"

I didn't get why she was yelling when she was right next to her but then Mia pulled a headphone out of her ear "Yeah?"

"How'd you get your iPod past Daley?"

Mia grinned "I handed her my iPod and knicked my sisters iPod. She's gonna be so pissed when she finds out I deleted all her shitty rap music."

I sighed. Why hadn't I thought of something like that? I still had Mom's old phone in my drawer. I could've charged it up and brought it here so that then I could've kept in touch with my Dad for the week. A whole week without talking to him felt like torture to me. I just sighed and continued unpacking my stuff.

Suddenly Alicia came clattering back into the room. She pulled a face at all of us, grabbed her bag and then stormed out again "Come on, let's go have dinner." Demonia said and all four of them went off to dinner.

The next morning it was time for us to go potholing. As we walked towards the caves, I was starting to feel extremely nervous. I even considered telling Daley just how afraid I was of small spaces and beg to go back. I could spend the morning doing something else, anything else. So long as it wasn't potholing. But I knew how much Alicia, Mikey and the others would pick on me. I knew this made me a wimp... But I didn't care.

When we finally made it, we had to put on helmets and hold torches. My heart was hammering inside my chest. Mikey apparently wasn't scared as Kaitlin came over and adjusted his helmet so that it was on safely. He was enjoying every moment that she was against him. It made me feel physically sick.

"Are you getting all worried?" Demonia giggled as Ray put his arm around her "Come on Jasmine, it'll be fine."

I nodded and took a shakey breath then followed everyone into the caves. Kaitlin stopped us every so often to tell us facts about the caves but the entire time I was screaming in my head 'Who cares!? Get us out of here!'

Eventually we came to stop in a bigger part of the tunnel "Alright now then, we need to crawl through this small tunnel." Duncan said "I'll go through first. You need to go down on your stomach and crawl through. It should only take about seven minutes."

My eyes widened when I saw the size of the tunnel and seriously thought he was joking but it turned out he wasn't. I wasn't re-assured when he bent down and crawled through himself even though he was like twice my size. I wouldn't get stuck. I wouldn't. That was if I had the guts to crawl through the tunnel too.

One by one the students went through the tunnel of terror until only me, Demonia, Crayon, Mikey, Alicia, Miss Daley and Kaitlin were left "So who wants to go next?" Kaitlin asked.

We all glanced at each other until Crayon said "Alright fine, I'll go through." She walked over to the tunnel, got down onto her stomach and then started pulling herself through.

I was starting to feel a bit sick at this point. I couldn't do this. I couldn't. I glanced at Mikey and Alicia. I knew they'd never let me live this down if I didn't crawl through. Maybe if I didn't go through before them? They notice everything. They'd definitely notice.

Just as I was deciding whether or not I was brave enough to go through, Crayon let out an ear piercing scream "I'm stuck!" She cried "I'm stuck!" You could hear the tears in her voice.

"It's okay Crayon, I'm sure you're not really stuck." Kaitlin said, though she didn't sound sure "Just pull yourself through. It's much better to go forward than backwards, I promise you."

"No, I need to get out of here! I'm stuck! Get me out of here!" Crayon shrieked.

"Alright, hold on." Kaitlin got down on her stomach and crawled through the tunnel "It's gonna be okay. That's my hand you feel on your leg, okay? Now come on, let's come back through this way. Slowly..."

They finally got her out and Crayon had to sit up, puffing at her asthma inhaler. Miss Daley came over to her and Crayon whispered something, causing Miss Daley to look embarrassed. That was when I noticed the smell.

Crayon had wet herself.
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