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Chapter Six

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[A/N] - Sorry for lack of updates D:

I didn't open my eyes until the bus stopped in Scotland at the camp. When I did, Demonia laughed at me and told me that I'd been snoring which was bullshit. I'd never even been asleep.

I wrapped my headphones around my iPod mournfully, knowing it'd be the last time I saw it for a while. To get us back to nature Daley was taking away our phones, iPods, anything electrical "How are we supposed to 'get back to nature' when the closest we've ever been to nature is london fucking zoo?" I whispered to Demonia who snickered.

We climbed out of the bus and we were greeted by an eager looking woman with brown hair tied back tightly into a ponytail who introduced herself as Jess. She gave us a long lecture about how much fun we were going to have and yet again, I heard the words 'getting back to nature'.

Standing next to her was a pretty good looking guy with a shaved head, pierced eye-brows and a tattoo. He looked pretty bored, as if he'd heard this speech a hundred times before which he probably had. His name was Duncan and he had the nicest accent I'd ever heard. It turned out he was going to be in charge of most of the activities. I soon realised that I wasn't the only girl hanging onto his every word. All of them were. And they were all thinking the same thing Maybe this week isn't going to be so bad after all.

The only ones who seemed immune to Duncan's charm were Demonia who was staring at her boyfriend Ray in a daze and Mia who was plugged into her headphones and biting her nails. A week without music was going to be torture for her. She might have to actually talk to people.

There was a good looking girl next to him who said her name was Kaitlin but she was pretty boring, nagging us about safety and saying we must never go out into the woods by ourselves at night. Demonia put her hand up to ask a question "Why shouldn't we go out into the woods at night? Is there some mad axe-man out there or something?"

A few people laughed uncertainly. I saw Alicia nudge Mikey and then mouth the word 'pathetic' in Demonia's direction. Demonia unsubtly stuck her middle finger up at her in response.

"No, there's no mad axe-man out there... That we know of." Jess said before starting to laugh like a maniac. We all stared at her like she was insane which she probably was "No but seriously, it can be dangerous out there. There are potholes and all sorts out there and we wouldn't want you getting lost in the middle of the night. If you don't know where you're going, you could easily fall down and break a leg or something." She paused "And I won't even start about the lions and tigers and bears." This woman is weird.

Crayon's hand went up "Are there really lions, tigers and bears?" She asked nervously then looked startled when everyone around her started laughing. I sighed. When would she learn that it's always best to keep your mouth shut?

Jess tried her best not to smile "No, no lions, tigers or bears. There are supposed to be wildcats in the area but I've never seen one."

When the introductions were finally over, Daley held out a tub and made us put all our electrical stuff inside them. I handed over my phone reluctantly. I didn't like the idea of not being able to get in touch with my Dad. Mikey tried to pretend he hadn't brought his phone with him but Daley just stood there staring at him until he moodily put his phone into the tub and flounced away.

Then came the part that I'd been dreading. Sorting ourselves out into rooms of five. I edged closer to Demonia while Alicia, Jamia, Sophie and Francesca all looked the other girls up and down, auditioning off all the likely girls that would earn the fifth spot in which would no doubt be the cushiest cabin of the lot.

But Daley surprised us all by taking a piece of paper out of her pocket and saying she'd allocated each of us a room already. There was a general groan of 'oh miiiiiiiiiss' while my heart beat faster and faster. What if I was split up from Demonia? What would I do?

Jamia, Sophie and Francesca were put in a room together, leaving Alicia out by herself. And then her name was read out for a different room along with Jasmine, Demonia, Crayon and Mia. I was sharing a room with these four girls. At least I was with Demonia.

"What?" Alicia cried "I can not, and I mean can not, share a room with these freaks. It'll be torture. Why can't you swap me and put me in a room with Jamia and the others? This is completely not fair."

"What's wrong Alicia?" Daley asked, raising her eye-brows "Can't you spend one week away from your possey?"

Alicia blushed red angrily, glaring at Miss Daley, realising that she was making her look like a fool. She turned to her friends and I heard Mikey say something along the lines of 'don't breathe too deeply and don't have any direct contact' as if we were all deadly diseases or something like that. Alicia nodded and came over to stand with us. I tried to give her 'really sorry that Daley's being such a bitch' smile but she replied with a glare.

This was going to be a horrible week.
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