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Chapter Five

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"This is gonna be so awesome."

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[A/N] - Guys I am officially excited for prom! :D My friend bbmed me to tell me that her Auntie booked me and her a massive Bentley to go to prom in :3 I googled it and I'm not sure if I like it but it's better than my Mom dropping me off like in Year 6 while all my friends went in a pink limo and didn't invite me ;/ So even if I don't find the right dress, I can tell you all now, I am NOT slow dancing with a teacher again ;L Also, I need to learn 7 Spanish paragraphs by tomorrow. The good news being that I know 4 of them? :)

It wasn't a trip to Spain, Italy or France or anywhere remotely exciting. It was a week in Scotland. Absailing, potholing, gorge-walking, that kinda crap. I hate stuff like that. I showed Dad the letter and told him I didn't want to go. But he told me it'd be good for me. Said I might make some friends, get close to nature, do things I'll never forget.

Well I certainly did do something I'd never forget. Thanks Dad.

Demonia was all for it. Weirdly she liked stuff like that. Her family never went on normal holidays. They couldn't laze around on beaches, they had to being doing something. Absailing, potholing and gorge-walking were all completely normal to her.

Weirdly Mikey and his cluster of annoying friends signed up for the trip. I thought that maybe their parents had forced them but they didn't seem to be dreading the trip. Then again, it was a week away from the parents. Something everyone loved. Except for me because I actually liked spending time with my Dad.

We were all on the coach first thing Monday morning, most of us still half asleep, except for the two girls that Mikey always hung round with; Alicia and Jamia. Their make-up and hair were both perfect. I stared at them jealously, wondering how they always always always managed to look so fabulous. Then we hopped onto the bus and we were on our way.

"This is gonna be so awesome." Demonia grinned "I can't wait to go potholing tomorrow, it's so much fun!"

"If you say so." I replied, looking in front of me. I get car sick sometimes so I tried to avoid turning around or talking much.

A couple of hours later, Crayon made her way down the aisle of the coach. I noticed that she'd been sitting with Mikey and his friends a lot more recently. They never really seemed to talk to her. Most of the time she sat at the edge of their dinner table pretending to read a book. But most of the time she was listening to them talk.

Crayon gave me the creeps. It wasn't like she was particularly rude or creepy or anything it was just that sometimes I'd be talking to Demonia and she'd just be there. Standing there, staring, listening. Then I reminded myself that this was all she could do. This was all we allowed her to do. Like it or not, Crayon had been deemed the outcast at our school. The rest of us were just relieved that it wasn't us.

So we were all kind of surprised when Crayon got invited to sit with the popular kids. She sat in the space that had been empty for as long as I could remember. The rest of us were wondering how she got there. Not that it mattered really.

Crayon walked up to Miss Daley "Umm Miss, when are we stopping at the service station?"

"In about an hour. Did you get to bring your food?" Miss Daley asked.

Crayon blushed "Oh no, I have food, Mikey wanted to know."

Miss Daley narrowed her eyes "Well if Mikey wanted to know he should have got up off his arse and asked himself." I smiled. Daley was slowly turning into one of my favourite people.

Crayon nodded and went back up the aisle just as some extremely crap music started blaring out. I hate being forced to listen to other peoples music so I put my headphones in and shut my eyes, blocking out the world.

[A/N] - Short chapter, I know, but Spanish paragraphs 3:
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