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Chapter Four

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"Jazz you can't be serious!"

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When I went back upstairs to get ready for bed, Mikey was still there unfortunately "You need to find out the truth Jasmine."

"How am I supposed to do that?" I cried "I already know the truth!"

"Do you?" Mikey asked, raising his eye-brows "Why don't you start by talking to your dyke-y best friend Demonia?"

"She's not a... Don't call her that. And what can she tell me that I don't already know?" And just like that, Mikey disappeared. He didn't evaportate or disappear in a puff of smoke. One minute he was there and then the next he wasn't. Just like that.

I sighed and changed into my pyjamas then crawled into bed, crying myself to sleep.

Sunday's are for me and Demonia. I go round to her place, we watch movies and generally have a laugh together. She sent me a message that morning 'Hey are you coming over? - D xx'

I didn't reply. I went downstairs and Dad made me a large fried breakfast. How was I supposed to go over to Demonia's house and act like everything was okay when it clearly wasn't? Nothing would ever be the same anymore.

Later after lunch, I was watching TV when my phone started ringing. It was an unknown number so I answered with caution "Hello?"

"Hey Jazz. It's me, Gerard." I gulped. Why was he calling? "I hope you don't mind that I called you but things were crazy at the funeral. I didn't get a chance to talk to you like I wanted to."

"You wanted to talk to me?" I asked.

"Yeah. I mean, you were in the cabin right next to Mikey's right?"

"Not just me." I said, wincing at how defensive I sounded "There were five of us in the cabin."

"I know but I wanted to know about his last week, you know?"

"Well umm did you try calling Frank? Ray?"

"They're nice but they're guys. They don't know Mikey like you do. You two were such good friends." I winced again. I thought everyone had forgotten about that "Look, could you please talk to me about it? We don't have to meet up at my house or anything like that. Why don't we go out for coffee? Tomorrow after school at Starbucks, okay? I'll pay for you."

"Umm yeah sure." I lied "I'll see you tomorrow. Bye then."

"Bye Jazz. Thanks for this." Gerard hung up the phone and I sighed.

'Dude, I am SO bored, are you ever coming over? - D xx'

So in the end, mostly to escape my Dad's way too unhealthy meals and the phone conversation with Gerard, I hopped on the tube and went over to Demonia's house. I had dinner there and then we went up to her room "Oh My God, my brothers are so annoying!" Demonia moaned "I could just kill them sometimes."

We were both silent for a minute before I said "Umm Gerard phoned. He wants me to meet him for coffee and find out what happened to Mikey."

Demonia's eyes widened "You're not gonna go, are you?"

"Well he seemed really upset-"

"Jazz, you can't be serious!"

"I'm not gonna tell him anything obviously, I'm not an idiot Demonia!"

"But you could easily let something slip. We need to be on guard all the time unless we accidentally say something that could let someone to the truth." Demonia groaned and sat down on the bed "You know what Jazz? Do what you want. Go talk to Gerard, don't go talk to Gerard, whatever. But don't let anyone find out the truth. Or it'll be bad for all of us."

I sighed and sat down next to her. I wasn't gonna meet up with Gerard originally but after talking to Demonia, I know it's the right thing to do.

The next day after school I was at Starbucks way too early. I was shaking as if I were on a date or something 'This is not a date.' I told myself firmly 'This is pretty much the opposite of a date.'

Then Gerard walked through the door and my heart soared though I kept telling myself to calm down. Gerard saw me and smiled "Hey Jazz. Let me just get us some drinks." He ordered us two coffees then sat down next to me instead of opposite me like I'd have liked "So, how have you been?"

"Fine. You?"

"Well it's been okay." Gerard rolled his eyes as his phone started ringing "Hello? Hey Dad... No, I'm just heading over to Frank's house. I need to do some studying. I'll be back by seven! I promise. Fine. Bye. Bye!" And then he hung up the phone "Sorry. Ever since Mikey... You know... He wants to know where I am all the time. He used to just let me get on with things but now... Eugh. Whatever." Gerard ran his fingers through his hair "So... Do you wanna let me know what happened that week?"

I sighed and opened my mouth then began to tell him a false account of what had happened that week on the camping trip.

Here's what really happened. Here's what I don't tell Gerard.
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