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8. Your tears don't fall...

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Rachel sneaks back home, but realizes she's not only forgotten her keys and both front and back doors are locked, but the only way back into her house is to sneak through her Dad's open bedroom win...

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I woke up to the sound of the birds chirping away in the trees. I yawned and stretched for a little bit before realizing I wasn't in my own room. I sat up slowly and pulled my hair out of my face and looked around. It was still quite dark, the sun hadn't risen yet but it was still light enough to know dawn was almost at her peak.
I looked over at Gerard and bit my lip to stop myself from laughing. The duvet was pulled down to his waist, and he had one leg sticking out while the other was still under the blankets. One arm was resting across his stomach and his other arm was under his head. His hair was messed up all over his face and because his mouth was wide open most of it had fallen in. I giggled as he was snoring away; I decided not to pull his hair out of his mouth in case he woke up.
I gently pulled myself out from the under the blankets and crawled to the end of the bed. I very carefully maneuvered myself over Gerard's legs so I wouldn't wake him up, and stepped onto the floor finding the pathway from the bed to the door. I shuffled along the way waving my hands in front of me making sure that I wasn't going to step on a box in front of me because knowing me; I would and it would be LOUD.
"I'll see you at school," Gerard groaned as he rolled over and began snoring again.
"Okay," I whispered, despite the fact that he couldn't hear me because he had gone back to sleep.
I quietly made my way out of his bedroom and downstairs.
"Can I help you?"
I jumped and slowly turned around. He was a tall man with short hair, but otherwise looked exactly like Gerard but thirty years older. I froze completely on the spot.
"Who are you?" He asked as he put his coffee down on the table in the hallway and folded his arms.
"Rachel?" Donna called as she made her way down the stairs rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.
Still choked up, I only managed to make a few noises and sounds as my eyes darted from Gerard's Dad and Donna.
"Rachel, are you okay?" Donna stepped off the stairs and stood next to her Gerard's Dad, and folded her robe over and tied it up. She was looking at me with a weary look of concern and puzzlement.
"Yeah," I blurted out. "I uh... I was hanging out with Gerard and I fell asleep."
They both looked at me like I wasn't telling the truth. And to be completely honest, I wasn't entirely lying. I was hanging out with Gerard and then I did fall asleep, I just didn't tell them the part where I got under the blankets and then fell asleep.
"I just woke up," I said awkwardly. "I'm just on my way back home. I'm so sorry to startle you."
"Would you like some breakfast first?" Donna smiled at me.
"Oh, thanks but no thanks. I really should get going. My parent's will probably be... Worried." I lied.
"Well it was ... Interesting to meet you, Rachel." Gerard's Dad smiled.
"You too, Mr. Way."
"Oh please," He chuckled. "Call me Donald. Or Don. Actually call me Don. I prefer that."
"Or Donald Duck!" Donna laughed. I laughed too, but secretly only because Gerard's parents were called Don and Donna.
After a few more awkward moments and an awkward goodbye I finally made my way back to my house and to the front door which was locked. It was then I realized that I didn't have my keys on me.
"Fuck!" I whispered to myself. As I walked around the side of the house to the back door I checked to see if I could find a window open, but there was nothing. I checked the back door, it was also locked.
"FUCK!" I yelled. I slapped my hand over my mouth.
I walked around the other side of the house, and my heart sank. The only window open was my Dad's bedroom window. I suddenly found myself in a position where I had one of two decisions to make; I could go through the window, be as quiet as I can and pray to the heaven's above that I don't wake him, risking getting caught. Or I could stand outside and wait for someone to unlock the doors and basically accept the death sentence that would be handed to me. I didn't have a lot of time because the sun was beginning to rise which meant that my Dad would be getting up soon. I decided to take the risk.
I grabbed an outdoor chair from my neighbours place and placed it under my Dad's window. I steadied myself up on the chair, feeling the nerves going mental and my heart was beating so loud I could have sworn that that would be the reason my Dad was going to wake up, I took five deep breaths and bit the bullet.
I quietly pulled the curtains aside and slipped one leg through. I grabbed ahold of the window frame and leaned back as I pulled my other leg up and through. I wriggled to the end of the window sill and let myself slide down with a moderate thud. I looked over at my Dad who rolled over and snored. I sighed with relief.
I very quietly tip toed towards the door when his alarm clock went off. Quickly following my instincts I dropped to the floor at such perfect timing; as soon as I was on the floor he sat right up. I rolled myself under his bed as he hit the alarm and moved himself and sat on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor. I started shaking with nerves to the point of almost convulsion, and tried my best to calm myself down before I started hyperventilating. I looked around under his bed, I had to be extremely careful and noted to stay still, as there were boxes, cups, plates, bowls, knives and forks. One wrong move meant that I would cause a startling noise loud enough for him to look under the bed.
I waited patiently as my Dad got dressed or did whatever it was that he was doing and left the room with the door wide open. I rolled back out from under the bed and got up. I could hear my alarm clock going off in my room so I bolted towards the stairs, shifting my body weight evenly so I didn't make much noise. I raced up the stairs faster than a bullet and quietly opened my door and smacked the alarm off. Fuck that was close!
I sat down at the end of my bed and looked out towards the tree house. It's only occasional inhabitant being me for reasons that shouldn't exist. But in saying that, without those reasons I would not be me, I would not have befriended the people that I call my brothers and sisters, and I would not be able to do the things that I can do, like sneak out of Gerard's house and back to my room through my Dad's window without getting caught for an example. I high-fived myself.
I grabbed some clothes for today and headed for the shower, bumping into my Mum in the bathroom again.
"Where were you last night?" My Mum asked as she applied her make up.
"Bonnie's." I replied bluntly. I chucked my clothes and my towel down on the floor next to shower and turned to Mum.
"Really?" She said sarcastically as she folded her arms and faced me. "You sure about that?"
"Well where else do I go when you and Dad decide to get drunk and have a brawl for the whole world to hear? Besides the tree house!"
"Well you usually go to Bonnie's."
"Except somewhere around eleven last night you were leaning out of that American boy's window smoking."
At that moment I could have sworn that my entire body shut down. My heart stopped, I went as white as snow and I could feel my cheeks burn up at the same time, that very heavy and extremely dark feeling in my chest rose up and swallowed me whole. I was the very definition of stunned.
"Your Father saw you. He got me for reassurance, and it was only when I went into your room that I told your Father that the very reason the little slag hanging out the window smoking looks like Rachel, is because it fucking damn well is Rachel!"
I stood still, shocked. Almost shaking in fear, she was starting to get angry. This has got to be the worst day ever. First Gerard's parent's catch me leaving their house first thing in the morning leaving me in a very awkward situation, then I realize I forgot my keys and I have to climb through my Dad's window when it was a waste of fucking time, because the whole time they already knew where I was.
"I can't take this shit anymore!" My Mum yelled as she smacked over her make up box and started walking towards me. "Fuck you, you little fucking shit! I have spent YEARS slaving away so you could get a good education! So that you could have food to eat! So that you would have a fucking roof over your head! THIS IS HOW YOU FUCKING REPAY ME!? BY SLAGGING AROUND OUT ALL NIGHT SO YOU CAN SLEEP IN CLASS!?"
I started trembling uncontrollably. She was in my face screaming at me at the top of her lungs. My Dad walked in and moved her aside. He leaned in close to my face.
"You are nothing but a failure to me." He spat in the direction of the shower, and looked at me up and down. Then he left the room.
I burst into tears. I hated this life, just when everything's going good it goes shithouse.
"I want you out." Mum said as she picked her make up box back up.
"What?" I gasped.
"I SAID I WANT YOU OUT!" She screamed. "I'm so fucking sick of paying your way when truth be told; I never bloody wanted you in the first place! I wanted your brother! You will NEVER be your brother! You'll always be you and I hate you!"
My body went cold. I walked out on auto-pilot to the front door. As I opened it I turned around and it doomed on me. She really was kicking me out and nobody was going to come tell me she didn't mean it, because she did mean it.
I'm supposed to be able to grasp the concept of it but now that I'm here,
Where do I go?
What happens now?
My first instinct was to walk to school, so I did.
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