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9. Revenge is best served cold

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Rachel goes back to school, only to discover all the students from her year have gone to Manchester for the weekend. Or so she thinks, until she bumps into Bob in the Library, where they meet with ...

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A/N: I warn you now that there is violence and discussion of sex in this chapter. If this offends you, go away.


I sat in my empty year class, doodling more black shadow figures in the corners of bedrooms, watching their unsuspecting victims sleep. I never understood the concept of my own drawings, but on certain days I felt that it made sense to draw them. Like today, possibly the worst day of my life. I had only just turned sixteen and already homeless. I'd never felt more alone in my entire life, and that counts for something. I found that I was trying to convince myself that my Mum was just mad and that she would let me back into the house later on, maybe in a couple of days. But then there was the other side of me that always knew my Mother hated me, and that she never really wanted me. The only reason she had kept me for so long is because she was required to by law. Well I'm sixteen now, there's no law against kicking your sixteen year olds out.
I sat in the year class for what seemed like forever, waiting for my classmates to turn up. And then I remembered; It's Friday, and my entire year had all gone to Manchester for the weekend field trip. I sighed and got up. There was no point in being at school if there's nobody there. I screwed my piece of paper up and chucked it in the bin as I walked out. I strolled down the hall with my hands in my pockets, just glancing in the classrooms as I walked by; hoping that I would spot a familiar face. I gave up on hope pretty quickly as the classrooms were all empty, so I decided to go to the Library instead.
I paced down the hall a little faster, making my way towards the Library. As I walked in I noticed the bitter emptiness of it all, excluding one very familiar face sitting in the corner to himself. It was the world's very own Bob Bryar. I beamed as I snuck up to his table, he had his face in a book and couldn't see me.
"Hey buddy!" I shouted as I punched his arm. "What are you doing here? Why didn't you go to Manchester?"
"Can't be fucked." He said in monotone, keeping his head in the book.
"Fair enough." I sighed and sat down. "It's a weekend away, though?"
"It's a weekend away in Britain's shittiest town." He grunted. "Actually no, second shittiest. First would have to be Blackpool."
I smiled as I grabbed a random book from the pile Bob had in front of him. I read the front cover: How to capture and train a Unicorn.
"What the fuck?" I raised an eyebrow at Bob. He peeped his eyes over and looked at the book I was holding up.
"It looked interesting." He smiled as he looked up at me. His face dropped. "Dude, what the fuck happened to you?"
"What do you mean?" I turned a little red.
"Your eyes are puffy and red, and you have a black eye.." He slammed his book down. "What happened?"
"Oh." I looked down and sat up uncomfortably. "I kind of got kicked out of home this morning."
"WHAT!?" He shouted. The librarian called for him to be quiet, he nodded and leaned foward. "What the fuck?"
"Yeah, I got snapped leaning out of Gerard's window having a smoke." I sighed. "Mum kicked me out."
"And she knocked you in the eye too?" He frowned.
"No that was from J-" I cleared my throat, realizing what I was saying.
"John?" He demanded.
I nodded and bit my lip nervously. He sat back in his chair. He was never the happy smile-on-that-dial type of guy, but his entire demeanor changed very quickly. Absorbed within his own anger; his nostrils flared and his lips pursed together intensely. His fists gripped the edge of the table; almost snapping off the wood.
"When?" His voice was shaking with rage.
"Yesterday after school," I whispered. He slammed his fist down on the desk causing me to jump. I looked at him out the corner of my eye and slowly raised my head. "It's been sorted now, though."
"No it fucking hasn't!" He snarled. He smacked his books off the table and got up. "Not fucking yet."
He stormed out of the library. I quickly picked the books up off the floor and placed them in a tidy stack and mouthed the word 'sorry' to the librarian and raced after Bob.
"Bob!" I called out after him. He was charging down the corridor, not reacting to me. "Bob please wait! He's gone to Manchester!"
"Then I'll get on another bus!" He yelled out.
I managed to catch up to him, huffing and puffing. I was trying to slow him down by tugging on his arm. We turned around the corner and stopped.
Gerard had John pinned up against the wall with his forearm against his throat. They both looked at us. Gerard released him and slowly stepped away not taking his eyes off John. John's eyes fearfully darted from Gerard, to Bob and back to Gerard again.
"This cunt bashed Rachel yesterday." Gerard spat.
"I know." Bob shook with rage. He turned to me. "Where did he do it?"
I choked up a little, I didn't want them to hurt John. I knew he deserved what was coming to him but I hated violence.
"Where Rachel!?" Bob yelled.
"The janitor's closet!" I cried out.
Gerard and Bob looked at each other and nodded. Gerard grabbed John by the collar of his shirt and dragged him down the corridor towards the janitor's closet. Bob grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me along, at a pace one step too fast for me causing me to jog. I tried to break out of Bob's grip but he was so enraged I don't think he even realized he had me by the wrist.
Standing outside the closet door, Gerard threw John in and turned to Bob and pointed at me.
"She doesn't come in." He snapped.
"Stay here." Bob said to me, and as they walked through the door Bob slammed it shut behind him.

- Gerard's POV -

I stormed in and rolled my sleeves up. I grabbed John by the shoulders and threw him against the wall opposite the door. I began swinging constant punches at John's face, and throwing in the odd kick. I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him down, and repetively punched him in the face. Bob who was standing behind me, grabbed the mop and held it by it's head, and began wacking him in the back with the stick end. John began crying out, pleading with us to stop. Bob threw the mop to the other side of the closet, and grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me back, causing me to let go of John who dropped to the ground.
"My turn." He growled. He grabbed John by the throat and hauled him back up and punched him in the stomach. John hurled over and started groaning in pain.
"You fucking like it!?" Bob yelled in his face. "Do you fucking like it!?"
He dragged John back upright and kneed him in the groin several times.
"I asked you a fucking question!" He punched him in the nose, breaking it. "Fucking answer me!"
"No!" John cried.
"Didn't fucking think so!" Bob back handed John, sending him stumbling onto the shelf to the right of the closet, knocking off some of it's contents. One of which was a bottle of kerosene.
I picked it up and looked at it, and then raised my eyes slowly up to John, who was looking back at me in absolute horror and begging eyes. Not so tough without all his little sheep surrounding him, apparently. I moved Bob out of my way and I wrapped my free hand around John's throat and brought him up to my face.
"You see this?" I held up the kerosene. "DO YOU FUCKING SEE THIS!?"
With blood streaming down from his nostrils and out from his lips, he was breathing heavily and gripped his hands around my wrist. He nodded frantically.
"If you ever, EVER go ANYWHERE near Rachel again," My voice trembling with rage. "If you so much damage a hair on her head. If you so much give her an awkward eye, or even look at her again, I will hold you upside down, pour this shit in your ass and set it on fire. Do you fucking hear me?"
"I swear I'll leave her alone." He pleaded, tears streaming from his eyes. "I promise, I swear, please. You'll never have trouble with me ever again."
"You're damn fucking right I won't." I shoved him back into the shelf. "Don't fucking test me."
I spat at his feet and slammed the kerosene back on the shelf. As I turned and walked out, Bob side kicked John in the ribs and followed behind me, and once again slammed the door shut behind him.

- Rachel's POV -

I stood nervously, biting my nails and anxiously looked around for any signs of teachers or students that might be coming down the hall. After hearing a few banging and crashing sounds, and Bob yelling, they finally came back out through the door. I dropped my hand and gripped the sides of my jeans.
"Please tell me you didn't kill him?" I asked, worried out of my mind.
"No, he's not dead." Gerard responded calmly. He rolled his sleeves back down and buttoned them back up at his wrists. He grabbed his jacket off the floor, of which I hadn't even noticed he'd thrown it down in the first place, and swung it behind him placing his arms inside the sleeves. "But he won't be bothering you again. That much I made damn sure of."
Bob slammed the door behind him and stood next to Gerard, and pretty pleased with himself, he smiled.
"He's a little bitch." Bob did his best to hold back laughter. "He cried."
Gerard and Bob burst into a fit of laughter, clutching at their stomachs and wiping their eyes and all. Once they calmed down, Gerard sighed with accomplishment, and put his arm around my shoulder. We walked down the corridor and towards the front door. I heard someone call out.
We turned around and John was standing in the hallway holding his nose. He was covered in blood and looked like a puppy terrified of it's abuser. He was standing next to Mr. Gerrison who was looking between John and us, flabbergasted.
"Do you three know anything about this?" He called out.
"Nah," Gerard said, pulling out his lighter and looking at John. "Nothing at all."
"They had nothing to do with this sir!" John screamed anxiously. "It wasn't them! I can't tell you who!"
John bolted in the opposite direction of us. Gerard put his arm back around my shoulder and walked us out the front door.


"Rachel got kicked out of home this morning." Bob informed Gerard as we sat down at the picnic table. We had walked across the road from the school, and to the park so that we could have a smoke. Gerard's eyes widened as he pulled his cigarette packet out of his pocket, and he shot a concerned look at me.
"If I wanted him to know, I would have fucking told him myself." I said through gritted teeth, glaring at Bob.
"Yeah?" Bob challenged, as he pulled a cigarette out of his own packet. "And what's your next move? Oh you don't have one?"
I kept glaring at him as I accepted a cigarette from Gerard.
"Why didn't you want me to know?" Gerard asked calmly. I was surprised that he wasn't mad at me for not telling him; mind you, I didn't really have the time to.
"I don't know." I sighed and lit up. I carefully and slowly took a puff of the smoke; Gerard had already seen me cough out my lungs because of the cigarette, I didn't want Bob to have a laugh too, considering how pissed off I was at him. "I really don't know. I think maybe I just... Ugh. I don't know."
Gerard and Bob looked at each other. We sat in silence for about two minutes, just dragging away at our cigarettes.
"I can ask my Mum if you can stay at ours?" Bob broke out. "My sister's just moved out so there's a spare bed and all. It might only be for a few nights, but it's an actual place to sleep until we can figure out where to go from there?"
I nodded and sighed. It was pretty much my only option.
"And I can have a chat to my Mum, about it. Though, I'm not sure how she'd feel about you living with us." Gerard grinned slightly. "She wasn't impressed by your 'surprise appearance' this morning."
"You have no idea how awkward that was." I rolled my eyes. I leaned in closer to Bob. "His fucking Dad caught me sneaking out of his room this morning."
Bob laughed just as he took a puff, and coughed a little. He smiled at Gerard and I. "Did you two fuck or something?"
"NO!" I yelled a little too loud. "I just.. Stayed over. But I left early in the morning thinking I wouldn't get caught and hello! Bumped into both his parents in the hallway."
"Yeah, it was an interesting breakfast on my half." Gerard smiled. "My Mum made me get out of bed not long after you left and sit down at the table. Dad made me toast and they both just sat there watching me eat. Then Dad was like, 'So why was Rachel here?' Dude, I just about choked on my breakfast when he asked me that. It took me ten minutes to convince them we didn't have sex and then I had to sit through a twenty minute lecture on safe sex!"
Bob burst into laughter.
"Dude!" He exclaimed. "The most awkward thing to have ever happened to me was when I was with this girl last year, and my Mum walked in on us!"
"I know right!" Gerard shouted. "I was home alone with my ex like four months ago and we were getting pretty loud. And then when we were done I walked downstairs in just my boxers to grab something to eat and my Mum was in the kitchen which was just below my bedroom drinking coffee. We couldn't even make eye contact!"
Bob and Gerard cracked up as they shared more embarrassing sex stories, I giggled along as they were pretty funny. Then Bob turned to me.
"What about you, Rach?" He asked in between smoking. "You must have an embarrassing sex story!"
I choked up. It was just thirty seconds of straight, ums and uhs, and my face turning bright red before Bob and Gerard clicked.
"Wait a minute!" Bob held his hands up and froze in mid-moment. "Are you a virgin?"
They both looked at me, and waited for my answer. I looked down at the ground, and took a puff. I begged and pleaded with the reaper to open up the ground and just swallow me whole. I nodded.
"OH MY GOD YOU'RE A VIRGIN!?" Bob being the man slut of the group, I wasn't surprised he couldn't comprehend this. But their questioning made me feel quite prudish.
"Really?" Gerard leaned back and took a drag. "You've done shit though, right?"
I felt my cheeks burn up even more. I shook my head and died a little inside. Gerard raised his eyebrows and nodded a little. I looked up at Bob who's hands were still in the air, he was frowning and his mouth hung wide open.
"HAVE YOU EVEN KISSED!?' Bob begged me.
"YOU'VE NEVER KISSED EITHER!?" Bob's voice was starting to break with shock. "BUT HOW!?"
"She's kissed me," Gerard said in a matter-of-fact tone. "But she's also got self respect."
We both looked at Gerard. Bob was still in a state of shock and incomprehension.
"We had a little bit of a moment yesterday. But as for being a virgin," Gerard took a puff of his smoke, and looked at me. "I'd prefer a virgin to a slut any day. So sorry Bob, I don't want you anymore."
"Hey bro," Bob leaned back. "I don't like the dick anyway."
We sat at the picnic table, chain smoking and chit-chatting away for another hour or two before we decided to part ways. Gerard promised he'd talk to his Mum about me potentionally living with them for a little while that night, and he'd come over to Bob's house tomorrow to discuss it with us then.
I hugged Gerard goodbye.
"I'll see you tomorrow," He smiled. "You'll be okay. We'll sort this shit."
I smiled as he kissed the top of my head. He walked through the park and back towards his house, and Bob and I caught the bus back to his, where I waited with him in his room for his Mum to come home from work.
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