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10. Love Sick and Hard Times

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"What do you mean she's been kicked out?" Bob's Mum, Raven questioned. "Like permanently kicked out or just for the night kicked out?"
"For good." Bob replied.
I sat in their lounge as they spoke in the kitchen. Their lounge was pretty big. It was bigger than the average double bedroom, and had a massive 50" LCD TV bolted onto the wall. Underneath it was a huge home theatre sound system and a million DVDs, presumably, for the most part all Bob's. They had a nice leather lounge suite complimented with a glass coffee table that was home to what looked like a hundred Home and Garden magazines.
"Does she have any other family in Liverpool?" Raven asked.
"I doubt it," Bob said. "If she did then she would have mentioned something."
"Well, she can stay here for as long as she needs to, but I doubt that it's legal for me to keep her here."
I could hear someone making their way down the hallway; Raven entered the lounge with a smile and sat down next to me.
"I'm sorry to hear about what's happened," Raven said. I always loved her; she was far more like a mother to me than my own. "You are more than welcome to stay here."
"Thank you." I smiled. "I promise I won't stay here too long, just until I can get hold of my Aunty Marie."
"Where does she live?" Raven asked as she sat back and tucked her hair behind her ears, which had eight piercings on both sides.
"London, unfortunately." My heart dropped. Liverpool was always home, I didn't want to go live in London.
Raven nodded and frowned as she thought hard about the situation. Bob stood in the doorway, crossed his arms and leaned on one side.
"Well, like Gerard said, you may be able to go live with them." He said.
"I doubt it," I sighed. "I mean, Donna's cool and everything, but realistically Bob, what Mother would let her sixteen year old son's female friend live with him?"
Raven coughed.
"In the same bed." I added.
"Fair point." Raven nodded. "I wouldn't. I mean, there's Larissa's room, which is a spare now that she's moved out, although I have to make a point here."
Bob and I both looked at Raven.
"When I first moved out of home, I was back within a month because things just didn't work out the way I thought they would. Things never do. So if Larissa, for whatever reason decides she wants to move back, as much as I would love to help you Rachel, my own daughter's priorities have to come first, so the room will need to be vacated. Though I don't think this will happen, so whatever. But I'm just telling you now so that you both are aware and don't go into shock, okay?
"Yeah that's completely understandable." I said. Bob nodded in the doorway.
"Would you like to call your Aunty and let her know what's happening?" Raven grabbed the phone off the charger next to the couch and handed it to me.
"Yes, thank you." I smiled as I grabbed the phone from her.
I walked out into the kitchen and sat down on a dining chair. I dialed in her number.

"Hello Marie speaking?" Her voice sounded so warm and welcoming.
"Hey Aunt Marie, it's Rachel." I said quietly.
"Rachel! My darling niece! How are you?"
"Not so good, to be honest." I sighed.
"What's wrong?" Her tone dropped. "What's happened?"
"I got kicked out of home. For good."
The phone went silent; it was at least thirty seconds before she spoke.
"I stayed at Gerard's overnight, we didn't do anything. We just hung out and then I stayed over. Mum caught me, and yeah, now I'm homeless."
The next five minutes were of Aunty Marie screaming profanities and curses to her sister.
"Where are you now?" She asked as she calmed down.
"I'm staying at my friend Bob's place. Would you like to speak to his Mum?"
"Yes please."
"Okay. I'll go get her. Hold for a second."

I walked back out into the lounge, and held the phone out to Raven.
"My Aunty would like to speak to you, if that's alright."
Raven nodded and took the phone. Bob and I walked out to Larissa's room, and got it ready for me.
"You okay?" Bob asked as he helped me make the bed.
"I guess," It had just started dawning on me. "I've got no clothes, or anything. I don't have any money, what am I gonna do?"
"Hey man," Bob stopped and walked over towards me. "It's okay. I know it's not much but I'll give you a shirt to sleep in. Maybe Mum's got some of Larissa's clothes that you could wear for now. We'll sort something out, okay?"
I nodded. My lips quivered as I fought back tears. I looked up at Bob and bit my lip.
"Please don't cry," Bob said softly as he pulled me in for a hug. "Everything's going to be okay. My Mum will sort this. We're not going to let you go without, or end up nowhere. I promise."
I hugged Bob really tight and a tear escaped my eye. I wiped it away straight away; I hated crying in front of people.
"Do you want to sleep in my bed tonight?" He held me by the upper arms and bent his knees to reach eye level with me.
I smiled. "Are the sheets clean?"
"Yes." He rolled his eyes.
"If you promise not to, you know.. Not do anything... Then yes please. I don't really want to be alone right now."
"I get that." He frowned. "Don't think I would ever actually try to do anything, Rach. Seriously. I wouldn't."
I nodded. He hugged me again.
"I'm done talking with your Aunty, would you like to say goodnight?" Raven popped her head through the doorway.
"Yes please," I smiled. I took the phone.
As I walked back into the kitchen to say a few more things and goodnight to my Aunty, I could hear Bob and Raven having an argument in the background. Once I was finished up with my phone call I walked back into the room, where I met Raven's sharp eyes and arms crossed.
"Mum has a problem with you sleeping in my bed." Bob groaned.
"I'll just sleep in here,"I answered quickly. "I don't want to cross any lines."
"I think that's for the best." Raven said sharply.
"Seriously Mum!" Bob cried. "It's not like that. She's scared, she's been kicked out of home, she feels alone, she's got nothing. She doesn't want to be alone. That's all there is to it!"
Raven looked at me, and raised an eyebrow.
"I promise that's all there is to it. I kind of have a boyfriend anyway. I'm.. Not interested in Bob." I agreed.
"One night." She looked at us both with a deadly glare. "Don't let me catch you doing anything suspicious. I'm going to bed, goodnight to the both of you."
"Thank you, goodnight." I said timidly as she walked out and went to bed.
"Come on," Bob said as he turned out the light and went to his bedroom. He gave me a shirt to change into and we climbed into bed and went to sleep.


The morning light shone through the cracks of Bob's curtains. I had had a rough sleep, I woke up every thirty minutes or so, and took twice as long to get back to sleep. I rolled over; Bob wasn't there. I could hear the TV's noise coming from the lounge and figured he must be there. I sighed and sat up. I was feeling icky, having worn the same clothes two days in a row. I sat on the edge of Bob's bed and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. There was a knock at the door.
"Come in," I called out and yawned. Raven walked in.
"Good morning sunshine." She wandered in and opened up the curtains. The blasting light made me wince and shut my eyes.
"Sorry," She said as she opened up the windows. "If I don't open these curtains and windows, then nobody does."
I smiled as got up and made the bed.
"Well, you're definitely welcome to stay here." She beamed. "I'm usually the only one who makes his bed, too."
"You make his bed?" I raised my eyebrow and gave her a funny look.
"Unfortunately." Her eyes widened as she pursed her lips together and nodded. "Hey I figured you don't have any clothes. So here's some."
She handed me a plastic bag full of clean clothes, I had a warm feeling glow within me, and I smiled.
"All the underwear in there, by the way, has never been worn, so you don't need to worry about that."
"Thank you so much!" I gasped. She smiled at me.
"Here's a towel," She handed it to me. "The shower is the door before the lounge on the left. Your Aunty should be here sometime this afternoon."
She left the room and went outside, assuming for a smoke. I went and had a shower. I sifted through the clothes. I found a black dress that looked really pretty, so I chucked it on. It fit me perfectly. It had string straps and lacey material that covered the front area, and it came to just above the knees. I decided to wear it.
I chucked the towel in the washing basket and walked out, meeting Raven in the hallway.
"Finished already?" She sounded surprised. "Larissa would be in there for hours!"
"Oh, I hate showers, so I'm as quick as I can be." I laughed. She smiled. She looked at the dress, and her smile faded slightly.
"Are you wearing that today?"
"Yeah, why? Is it yours?" I felt a bit awkward.
"No no no, it's Larissa's. It's just... You look very pretty."
"Thank you!" I smiled.
"You're also around a teenage boy." She smiled.
"Bob and I are just friends." I said bluntly. "I promise you it will STAY that way."
"I hope so." She sternly. "I don't mind you staying here; but not as Bob's girlfriend or fuck buddy."
I just about choked on my own saliva. "I can guarantee you, nothing is going to happen."
"Then we wont have a problem." She smiled and strided on down to the kitchen. My eyes widened and I whispered to myself, wow.
I turned around and walked into the lounge, to find Bob and Gerard sitting there. They both looked at me, eyes widened and jaws slightly open.
"What?" I blushed a little.
"Nothing." Bob said quickly and turned back to the TV. Gerard's eyes followed me as I walked to the couch and sat next to him. I looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
"You look good." He quickly faced the TV and shifted uncomfortably in his seat, and grabbed a pillow and held it. Bob burst out laughing.
"Shut the fuck up." Gerard snapped.
I looked at them, Gerard had gone bright red. He put his elbow on the pillow and held his hand on his face, covering it from me. Bob just laughed even harder.
"What's going on!?" I demanded.
"Nothing. Just nothing." Gerard snapped. "Watch the TV."
I looked at Bob. He raised his hand up and down and went bright red from laughing.
"Dude!" Gerard whacked Bob.
"He's gone a bit, 'hard' if you get my drift."
Gerard glared at Bob, nostrils flared and his lips pursed. Bob laughed and I went a bit red with flattery and embarrassment.
I looked at Gerard and smiled. He noticed me in the corner of his eye, and slowly glanced over; he smiled awkwardly back and went even more red.
"Would you like me to give you two some privacy?" Bob said smartly.
"Dude, one more word and I swear, I'll fucking beat the crap out of you." Gerard warned.
Bob snickered to himself. "Beat me with your stick?"
Gerard punched Bob in the arm.
"Ow, that was hard," Bob contained his laughter. "But not as hard as you!"
"Oh my god!" Gerard yelled. "I'm going home after this!"
"What, when you can walk again?"
Gerard sighed, I laughed.
"Aww Bob, leave him alone!" I smiled.
"A bleh bleh bleh." He rolled his eyes and smiled at the TV.
We watched movies for hours. It had started to get a bit cold, so Bob grabbed us all blankets. Gerard and I shared a blanket between us while Bob had the big blanket, because he's the man of the house apparently. Gerard grabbed my hand and held it underneath the blanket. He looked at me, winked and grinned.
My Aunt Marie turned up at about 3pm, with bags full of shopping. She gave me hug and a kiss on the cheek.
"How are you my darling?" She asked. She was gorgeous. She had green eyes that stood out with her eyeliner and mascara. She was wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt that Gerard noticed as soon as she walked into the lounge, and made him say, "Yeeeeah!"
"I'm alright thanks." I smiled as I stood up and gave her a hug. "Heaps better now that I've got my friends and you here. Raven's been a great help too."
"I love your dress!" She exclaimed. "Where did you get it from?"
Bob snickered and I heard Gerard smack him.
"Raven gave it to me!" I smiled.
She sat down and Raven brought in coffee for us all. She sat down next to Aunty Marie. We all sipped on our coffee as we spoke.
"Look, I have bad news, that you probably already knew." Aunty Marie said. "Your Mum is adament you're not coming back."
I nodded and lowered my head. Gerard rubbed my back and Bob sighed. Raven shook her head and swore under her breath.
"So I'm going to take over your guardianship, so I'll be in charge of you so that you can still go to school. Don't worry about the fees, I'm sorting that on Monday. Your Mum has already paid up until the end of the term."
I looked at Raven, hoping she would let me stay a bit longer now that it is official.
"I also spoke to my Mum," Gerard said. "She's not keen. She likes you and thinks you're a cool person, but she's a bit uncomfortable with given our situation."
"What's your situation?" Aunt Marie asked.
"Oh, Aunty, this is Gerard," I answered. "The boy from New Jersey I was telling you about."
"Oh nice to meet you," Aunt Marie smiled. She shook his hand and he told her he was pleased to meet her as well. "I can understand why your Mum would be a bit uncomfortable with that; you two are really young."
"I agree," Raven nodded.
"Yeah I understand it, too." Gerard said. "I just want her to be somewhere safe."
I looked at him and smiled. I could feel how he really did care; something I didn't get from people close to me often, excluding friends.
"I did some shopping for you, so that you will actually have clothes to wear. But we need to talk about your living situation." She took a sip of her coffee. "I'm not so sure if it's a good idea for you to stay with Raven and Bob, you could be burdening them."
"It's really not an issue!" Raven cut in. "It'll only be an issue if Larissa decides to come home, I've already spoken to these two about it."
"Well that's cool." My Aunty smiled. "Oh! Did you two know that Raven and I went to high school together??"
We all looked at them two in shock.
"Seriously?!" I asked.
"Yeah!" She exclaimed. "But we haven't seen each other in years! We lost contact after I moved to London nearly fifteen years ago now."
We listened to Aunty Marie and Raven talk about their high school years, and their O.E trip to Greece together for a few hours. They sounded a lot like the Circle of Death; always getting into trouble with the teachers even when they didn't mean to. Bob and I talked about our first year at school together, and how Frank once almost set the school on fire in art class, and how Bob had the whole school evacuated when he used the toilet plunger in the paintbrush sink, and the crap from paint and God knows what else came spewing out of the drain. And Gerard spoke a little bit about high school in the states, and how he didn't really have a big group of friends, just a select few and a girlfriend he was with for a while but they broke up just before he moved over here. He only brushed over the mention of his girlfriend in the states very lightly; which led me to be curious about her.
Gerard then announced that he had to go home, so everybody said their goodbyes to him and my Aunty Marie gave him hug and kiss goodbye, and said that it was nice to meet him. I walked him out to the front gate. I went to give him a hug, but instead he held my face and kissed me.
All the butterflies I had been getting know came rushing back. He put my arms around his neck and he held me at the hips.
"Look, it's fucking obvious we have something going on." He said before kissing me on the forehead. "And I wanna make sure this is official."
"What do you mean?" I asked knowing too damn well what he meant, I just wanted to hear him say it.
"I guess this is my lame way of asking you out." He blushed a little and looked at the ground, and kicked his feet together.
I got up on my tip toes and kissed him on the lips.
"And I guess that was my lame way of saying yes."
He leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips, and held it for a while.
"I probably wont see you tomorrow," He said as he stood up. I could hear him, but only just. I was swarming with inner butterflies and feeling a bit love sick. "I've gotta hang with Mikey. I haven't really had a chance to since we left the states, and I used to have 'brother' time with him everyday, so he's getting a bit lonely."
"That's alright." I smiled. "I'll see you on Monday?"
"Definitely." He grinned, baring his teeth.
He leaned down and kissed me again, this time sliding his hand up the back of my head and ran his fingers through my hair. He gently brushed my lips with the tip of his tongue. I froze on the spot; I didn't know what to do.
"I don't know what I'm doing." I panicked.
"Hey," He pulled me in closer and hugged me. "Don't worry. It'll happen when it happens."
I smiled.
"I've really got to go." He kissed the top of my head.
"Are you sure you're going to be alright going home?"
"Yeah, the bus comes in like, five minutes. It stops practically down the street from my house." He smiled and kissed my forehead. "I keep kissing you. I'm sorry. I can't help it."
"I don't mind. I like it." I smiled.
He leaned down and kissed me on the lips one more time, and left to get his bus.
I walked back inside and shut the door behind me and leaned on it. I sighed. Aunty Marie and Raven stood there with eyebrows raised. I couldn't help but smile the biggest grin I have ever worn on my face. I said my goodnights and went to bed.
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