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11. Paint it Black

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Cruella De Vil has joined the group and she's one nasty piece of work.

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I walked to school with Bob and Ray. We filled Ray in with the events that went down from staying the night at Gerard’s to living with Bob temporarily until I found somewhere else to go. He nodded and sighed all the way through. He said he would love to help but his Mum wasn’t well and his Dad was away on a business trip, so staying at Ray’s place wasn’t an option. But he also said that if there was anything else he could do he would be there in an instant.
For the most part, I couldn’t understand how or why Bob and Ray were best friends; they were exact opposites of each other. Bob spent the majority of the time insulting Ray. In a friendly manner but still nearly always insulting him. Ray would just smile and say “I accept that.” This had become Ray’s catchphrase. Bob had told me it had always been that way, though. They had been neighbours since they were two, and the first thing that Bob had ever said to Ray was “Your hair looks stupid.” Ray apparently smiled and thanked him.
As we approached the school, I noticed Gerard leaning against the front gate, staring down at his Cellphone.
“I’m gonna ask him how his pillows are doing,” Bob grinned.
“Don’t,” I lightly shoved Bob. “Leave him alone.”
“Oh you know it’s hilarious!” Bob started jumping up and down sideways. “Come on Rachel! Have a ball with me!”
“No thank you!” I held my head up and dared not to look at Bob. “If you wanna get your ass kicked then by all means, be my guest. I’m staying out of it.”
“What makes you think he’s gonna kick my ass?” Bob scoffed.
“Your Mummy isn’t here to save you.” I cheeked.
“My ‘Mummy’?” He raised an eyebrow. “I don’t depend on my Mum.”
“No,” I smiled at Bob. “She just opens your curtains and windows for you, and makes your bed in the morning. Tell me something, does she do your washing and make you breakfast, too?”
Ray burst into a fit of laughter and had to hold onto the gate to stop himself from tipping over. Gerard looked up and smiled, he put his phone in his pocket and walked over to us. Bob gave me a disgusted look, and walked over to the rest of the group who were sitting in the usual spot on the grass at the front of the school under a tree, and left Ray behind who was still hysterically laughing.
“Good morning, gorgeous.” Gerard smiled as he pulled me in for a tight hug, and kissed me on the top of my head. “How was your Sunday?”
“It was good,” I answered. “Aunt Marie took me out for the day and gave me money to go shopping after school. She’s calling the principal today to sort stuff, but she’ll be gone back to London by the time I get home.”
“That’s okay,” He smiled. “You’ve got me now.
I smiled up at him. I bit my bottom lip and grabbed him by the collar of his t-shirt, and dragged him down for a kiss. I could hear the group cheering in the background, somebody was whistling and Ray started clapping. Gerard grabbed hold of my hand and walked us over to the rest of the group, and we sat down with them.
“When did this happen!?” Bonnie asked gleefully. She was beaming with joy through her wide eyes, and her hands were clapped together at her chest.
“Saturday,” I smiled and looked at the ground.
“Well, officially anyway.” Gerard added. “It was there before then.”
“I know!” Bonnie squeaked.
I smiled as I rested my head on Gerard’s shoulder, and that was when I first realized the girl sitting to the right of Bonnie. I had seen her around the school before but had never actually spoken to her. She had waist-long jet black hair and snake bite piercings. She looked at me blankly, and then at Gerard.
“Oh peoples!” Bonnie shouted as she waved her hands, grabbing everybody’s attention. “This is Alicia! I met her in Manchester!”
“Hey,” I smiled at her. She looked at me up and down with a condescending look, and then turned to Gerard.
“Hey! What’s your name?”
I sat up straight and tilted my head slightly to the side, watching her.
“Gerard.” He answered. He shook her hand. “You have an accent, where are you from?”
“Originally Australia,” She flashed a forced smile. “But I moved here a few years ago.”
“Nice, nice.” Gerard nodded. “I just moved here three weeks ago, I’m from New Jersey.”
“Where’s New Jersey?” She tilted her head to the left, playing dumb.
“Really! Oh my God! I LOVE America!” She batted her blue eyes. I glared at her. I looked around the rest of the group, Bob and Ray were talking amongst themselves, and Bonnie and Frank were tickling each other. Nobody else could see what I was seeing.
I felt my blood beginning to boil and my stomach churning. It was like shoving nails into my ears, listening to the way she was talking to Gerard, obviously trying to flatter him. I looked at Bonnie, and then back at Alicia; trying to figure out what exactly it was about this Alicia bitch that appealed to Bonnie.
I hated violence, but I wanted to slap her across the face. She had obviously seen us kissing outside the school gates, she had seen us walking up hand in hand, she knew we were together but still she flirted away right in front of me, not even trying to be subtle about it either.
The bell rang. We all stood up at the same time. Alicia continued to ramble on to Gerard how should couldn’t wait to talk more about America with him. She then turned to me, I just glared back at her. She was quite a bit taller than me and had probably been in several fights before against my clean record, but I would still have taken her on right there and then.
We all headed off to our year classes and met up again in Science with Mrs. Nesbitt.
“Now class,” She started as we all piled in and sat in our usual seats. She wrote up on the board the words ‘Human Anatomy’. “Who can tell me the main difference between Man and Woman?”
Bob raised his hand up straight away, and stretched his arm out as he waved it frantically in the air.
“Yes Bryar. Tell me the main difference between Man and Woman.” Mrs. Nesbitt rolled her eyes.
“Women are difficult.” He smiled to himself. “And Men need pillows.”
Ray and Bob snickered to themselves. Gerard who was doodling on a piece of paper sat up straight and glanced at Ray.
“What did he tell you?” He whispered through gritted teeth. Ray looked at the ground and shook with the laughter he was trying so hard to contain. Gerard slowly shifted his glare from Ray to Bob. If looks could kill, Bob would have exploded from the inside out at that moment.
“O….Kay,” Mrs Nesbit frowned. “I don’t understand what you mean by pillows and I don’t want to know either. But you’re only sixteen, what could you possibly know about women?”
“I have a sister and a mother.” Bob sighed.
“You’re the difficult one; your Mum does everything for you!” I yelled out.
Gerard and Ray erupted into laughter as Bonnie and Frank giggled to themselves behind us. Bob slowly turned around and leaned back on his chair until the chair and my table met.
“Good call sister, but you’ll have to sleep tonight at some point.”
“So will you,” Gerard snorted. “After Mummy’s made your bed.”
Ray turned around and high-fived Gerard.
“Girls have vaginas!” Bonnie yelled out.
“So do boys!” Frank yelled almost immediately after Bonnie. “Well not physically. But I do have one..” He pat Bonnie on the head.
Gerard, who was already laughing at my come back to Bob, lost it. He slammed his fist down on the desk and laughed so hard tears formed and dropped from his eyes. He clutched at his stomach and begged God to make it stop. Bonnie looked at Frank sideways and sighed.
Mrs. Nesbit shook her head as she handed out notes and diagrams of the Human Body.

I was sitting in English listening to Mr. Gerrison comparing the Lord of the Rings novels when the bell rang for lunch time. Gerard and I packed up our stuff and headed our separate ways for our lockers.
I walked down the Mission Foyer and as I opened up the door to walk through I literally walked straight into Alicia. She scoffed as she shoved past me, knocking me in the shoulder almost causing me to fall over. I shook my head and followed her in through the door. I grabbed her by the elbow and spun her around. Students of all years filed past and around us. She looked at me up and down again and crossed her arms. She leant on one leg and relaxed the other. She raised her eyebrows.
“Can I help you?”
“Yeah actually, you can.” I looked up at her. I took a deep breath; I hated confrontation but this needed to be said. “You can explain why you were flirting with Gerard right in front of me this morning?”
“A bit jealous are we?” She forced a loud laugh.
“No.” I snarled. “You know we’re together.”
“Oh bitch please,” she rolled her eyes. “You’ve been ‘together’ for all of two days!”
“Your point is?”
“What are you, eight?” She scoffed. “That’s not even classed as dating yet!”
“That’s not the point, you know we’re seeing each other at least. And if you don’t fucking mind, I’d like to see where it goes without a pompous Kangaroo in my way.”
Her devious grin suddenly faded, her face almost screwed up as she looked at me up and down, yet again.
“What is your fucking problem?” I frowned. “You don’t even know him!”
“’Your point is’?” She mocked. She eyed out my clothing and my hair and giggled.
I shifted my eyes to the left and then back at her. I held my hands out as I shook my head. “What?”
“I’m guessing you haven’t even put out yet.” She snorted. “If ever.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” I crossed my arms.
“Let me break it down for you, retard.” She put her hands on her hips and leant down, coming eye to eye with me and got a little too in-your-face for my liking. “If you haven’t fucked him yet, then it’s all fair game.”
She stood up straight and smirked at me, she faked a laugh and walked away. I almost shook with anger and hatred. I held up my middle finger as she walked away and shot her death glares.
I stormed out of the Mission Foyer and slammed my shoulders into people as I marched down the corridor to my locker. I swung it open with a BANG! Disturbing the make out session Bonnie and Frank were having against her locker which was right next to mine. I could feel their eyes burning into me cautiously. I shoved everything I needed into my bag and slammed my locker shut. I swung my bag over my back and snapped a look at Bonnie who was startled by the glare.
“Where’s Gerard?”
“I… I don’t know.” Her eyes widened. “Is everything okay?”
“NO!” I shouted for everyone to hear. “That bitch Alicia is bad fucking news!”
“I know she can be a bit abrupt…” She started as I cut her off.
“Abrupt?” I scoffed. I got on my tip toes so that I came eye to eye with Bonnie. Frank stepped back nervously but still close enough to get in between us in case I decided to take a swing at Bonnie. “Tell your new bitch that if she gets in my way again I will destroy her.”
Bonnie’s jaw dropped. She wanted to say something but thought better of it, and shut her mouth instead. I stormed back off in the direction of Gerard’s locker on the opposite side of the school.
As pissed off as I was as I stormed up to Gerard and tapped him on the shoulder, I was ready to run my mouth with the nastiest of words, until he turned around and smiled.
“Hello beautiful,” he kissed me on the lips before I could say anything. My mood changed instantly.
“Hey,” I broke into smile. He was beaming back at me as he bit into a muffin.
“Want some?” He held it out.
“No thank you.” I sighed with relief.
He shrugged and shoved the rest of the muffin into his mouth and continued re-arranging his contents in his locker.
“My Aunt Marie gave me some money to do some shopping.”
Gerard nodded.
“So we’re going shopping. You and me.”
“Cool, when?”
“Now?” He asked confused as he slowly turned around.
“Yes. So grab your bag. We’re leaving for the day.”
“Rachel Robinson, you so badass!” He turned back around and smiled as he piled all his stuff into his bag, shutting his locker when he was done.
We headed through the school, passing John on the way, who flinched when Gerard gave him a filthy look. He was all bruised up and trying to avoid all eye contact with us, I smiled.
We left through the front door. I looked over at the group who were sitting in the usual spot. Bonnie was giving me a concerned look, but as she was sitting with Alicia I just kept on walking.
The first stop was the dairy with the Indian lady who never asked Frank for I.D for his cigarettes. I bought a pack of Marlboro Red 25 and lit up with Gerard as we walked down the road to the mall, which was only fifteen minutes away.
Gerard sighed miserably as I dragged him in and out of shops. He was bored out of his mind until I asked him to help me choose some clothes. All the clothes he picked were black, which I didn’t mind. My favourite was the black dress Gerard chose. It was a two piece that was rouged around the hips and had a mesh underlayer in the skirt part. The top was tight fit and cut at the shoulders. It had long sleeves and corset lacing at the back. It was a kind of velvet material. I didn’t like it at first but Gerard threatened that he’d strip me naked and put it on me in public if he had to. So I tried it on, and fell in love with it.
We headed to the Supermarket. I took to the hair product isle and Gerard strolled behind.
“You should help me choose some hair dye. I’ve been meaning to do something different with my hair but I-“
“Black.” He cut me off boldly. “Black.”
“Black?” I asked, looking at all the different types of black hair dye. Who knew that one colour actually had three or four types; blue black, jet black, black and pepper black.
“Blue black, to be precise.” He smiled.
“Why blue black?” I turned to him.
“Because chicks with blue black hair and pale skin are drop dead sexy.” He smiled. “And you my lady will OWN that shit.”
I blushed as I grabbed the Schwarzkopt Blue Black hair dye and bought it. Gerard smiled to himself all the way to his.
“I think you should invest in some black nail polish too.”
“No thanks.” I looked at him. “I hate nail polish.”
“I tried.” He shrugged as he opened the door.
We met Donna in the hallway who was least impressed to see us home so early. Gerard made up some bullshit about a relief teacher for the last few spells being absolutely useless. You could tell she didn’t believe him but didn’t bother arguing anyway. He asked her to dye my hair for me and she beamed with excitement, practically throwing me down on a chair in the dining room to dye my hair. She explained to me that for the last twenty years she had been a hair dresser by profession, and since they had left the states she hadn’t had any work. Sometime around then Gerard disappeared off into his room, leaving me alone with Donna.
“So you two are official now?”
“Yeah.” I answered timidly.
“That’s cool,” She smiled. “I like you. So I don’t mind.”
I smiled at that.
“Be careful, though.” She said sternly.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Have you ever been in a relationship before?”
“Then my advice is to learn to trust Gerard completely and give him a good reason to trust you.” She said.
I frowned with confusion. “I don’t understand.”
“Well, the last girlfriend Gerard had, they were together for a long time, three and a half years. They started the whole dating thing when they were thirteen, so Don and I never thought they would go the distance. But despite being so young they really did fall for each other. I could have sworn they were joint at the hip. The trust in relationship was strong but some how drama tore them apart. I personally have never had my heart broken, but watching them two go through that at such a young age was the hardest thing I have ever had to witness. Be careful. Trust each other. Don’t let anybody else’s words come between that.”
I nodded. She finished dying my hair and wrapped it up in glad wrap.
“The contained heat will make the dye stick better.” She said as I looked at her with a raised eyebrow.
“Donna,” I started. “If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly happened with Gerard and his ex?”
“If Gerard wants you to know, he’ll tell you himself.” She sighed. “But don’t go looking for it. Let him tell you. It’s still a healing wound if you understand what I’m saying.”
I nodded. Three and a half years was a long time, especially for teenagers. Usually teenagers consider a relationship to be long term if it reaches three months, let alone three and a half years.
About half an hour later, Donna rinsed my hair out in the sink and checked it.
“Looks like I got it all, surprisingly. You have such thick hair and we only used one box.” She smiled. “I’ll dry and straighten it for you.”
“Okay!” I smiled excitedly.
When she was done I raced into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, I broke into a massive grin. My hair was as black as black gets, and where the light hit it shone a little blue. It looked amazing.
I turned around and Gerard was standing the doorway, leaning to one side and holding a pile of black t-shirts.
“These are yours now.” He smiled. “I’ll put them in your bag but I want you to wear this one now.”
He handed me one of the t-shirts and I grabbed it. I looked up at him and he was grinning.
“Your hair looks real good.” He closed the door behind him.
I quickly changed my shirt for the one he gave me. It had a horse on the front and around it in capital letters spelt: BLACK SABBATH.
I smiled as I left the bathroom and raced up the stairs to Gerard’s room. As soon as I closed his door behind me, he grabbed me and dragged me across his room, and shoved me onto his bed. I didn’t really know what was going on until he crawled on top of me. He put his arms under mine and played with my hair. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he kissed me hard.
He ran one hand down the side of me, and made his way back up to my chest.
“Stop!” I cried out. He rolled over to the side. I sat up straight and pulled my knees up and rested my elbows on them and my head fell into my hands. “Fuck fuck fuck!”
“What’s wrong?” He sat up and put his hand on my back. “If I’m going to too fast you just have to tell me, don’t freak out.”
“It’s not that.” My voice cracked. “It’s that fucking Alicia bitch.”
Gerard looked at me sideways. “What about her?”
“She’s a fucking bitch! She was hitting on you this morning right in front of me! She even admitted it to me in the hallway at lunch time before I came and got you! She told me she’s gonna try get into you and that it’s all ‘fair game’ because I haven’t slept with you yet!” I rambled on with my worries of Alicia. “I don’t even know her and I already hate her!”
He grabbed my hand and placed it in his lap, and entwined our fingers for a little while, before bringing my hand up to his mouth and kissed it.
“I’m with you.” He said bluntly. “You think I didn’t notice what she was doing?”
I looked at him.
“I’m not blind, Rachel. I just couldn’t be bothered causing a scene.”
I sighed with relief. I thought I had been the only one who could see what she was playing at.
“She’s so slutty!” He screwed his face up. “When she was batting her eyes and tilting her head to the side like a dumb fuck, all I could think of was how fucking easy she would be to get into. I wouldn’t even have to saying anything; just point to my groin and she’d be on her knees. What exactly makes you think I’m attracted to that? I don’t think even Bob would go there.”
I chuckled.
“I’m with you for a reason, well, many reasons.” He paused. “But I really like you. And you’re really interesting. And you’re real, not fake. And you’re sitting in my room wearing my Black Sabbath t-shirt listening to Black Label Society with me. Babe, you’re already so much hotter than she could ever be and have a hundreds better class and style.”
I went red and looked so stupid with how big my smile was. I kissed him and hugged him.
We crawled over to the header of his bed, with our heads on the pillows. We listened to Black Label Society as he cuddled me, caressing my arm. He kissed the top of my head and he whispered,
“You’re mine.”
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