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The events of last night.

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Last night was... boring.
The party was short. But, oh well.
It was late, and not many people were on at the time.
Try again, next friday? No? Okay then.

Also, my trying to write fic mojo was gone. I basically wrote it up for a bit then was like 'k that sucks i can't do this' and got rid of it. In fact the only thing I know how to word is the next chapter of my SWS fic. By the way. Lottie you spoiled it for everyone!

(except. Vic won't be the Dad of the baby I have. Or will he? ^.^)

And. I left my laptop on all night. Again. It's still working though, I just have to refresh pages and it will be back in action again.

Now. Lemme tell ya how my Skyrim playing went.

I completed the Bleak Falls Barrow quest. I took Farkas along with me, as Vilkas was sleeping. Farkas did the 'killing giant spider that creeps me out' bit, and I killed the draugers (or however you spell it). I also completed that Dragon quest, and started training with the Greybeards in High Hrothgar. I also have a house in Whiterun, fully decorated. I killed my Housecarl as she annoys the fuck outta me. And I killed that preacher dude by the shrine in Whiterun as all he did was preach. I got let off the hook though, as when you become thane of that hold, you can't get arrested if you tell them you're thane. Can I getta woop-woop? woop-woop. I also tried to kill Vilkas, just to see what'd happen but he wouldn't die so I was like 'fuck it leaves'. That's really it. Also, for those of you who are doing that quest for that guy in the riften jail, the girl's in Ivarstead, under the name of Lyn-something. Look in the inn, she's there. You intimidate her and she tells you who she really is. Helper of the day award to me!

So, that's all for Skyrim. Later I'll update my fics, maybe write a romance oneshot idk. I have the mojo back so it's all good.

How ya doing guys?
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