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Chapter Sixty Seven - The Morning After

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"I may have slept with Acid." Poison felt the weight from his shoulders being lifted as he confessed what he'd done.

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A/N Heeeyy! So I'll be honest here, this chapter's more on the filler side. It'll get more exciting next chapter though, I already know what's gonna happen ^__^ Thankies to Chemical_30 and YoshikiHide182 for reviewing, you're both awesome! If you can, please review, it's appreciated! Any theories on what you think's gonna happen next are more than welcome. Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Sixty Seven - The Morning After

Acid had to have been dreaming, she was sure of it. What happened the night before, it couldn't have been real. She was almost one hundred percent sure of it. There was no way it actually happened.
She was about to get up and off the blanket she'd been sleeping on, but she felt someone's warm breath on the back of her neck and an arm wrapped around her waist. She had to tell herself the dream couldn't have been reality. There was no way Poison would have sex with her, not when he'd been the one who told her them being together would've just messed things up even more. Then again, when they'd been kissing he told her that he wanted more, that he didn't want to stop.
She moved slightly and realized that she wasn't wearing any traces of clothing on her pale body. She was in nothing but her birthday suit and the body next to her seemed to be the same.
Acid turned around slightly to see a mass of bright red hair covering Poison's peacefully sleeping face. The blankets covered the lower half of his body, however she was sure that he was naked too.
She momentarily stopped breathing. Holy shit, we slept together, she thought.
Acid got off the blanket and started picking up her clothes, which had clearly been carelessly torn off her body and then randomly shoved to the side.
She was almost fully clothed when Poison woke up.
"Hey." He said, sitting up slightly.
She turned around. "Hey."
There was an extremely awkward pause of silence before Poison decided to speak again.
"So last night we . . ." He trailed off.
"Yeah, I guess we did." Her body was still slightly sore, but since she'd not had sex in five years she understood why. Poison wasn't exactly gentle with her the previous night, but then again, when they were together she wasn't exactly gentle with him either. They wouldn't hurt each other, they just didn't usually take it slowly when it came to sex.
Acid picked up some of his clothes and threw his shirt, boxers and jeans to him.
"Thanks." He muttered, pulling his shirt over his head.
Acid started doing the laces on her boots when she spoke. "Look, what we did . . . it can't happen again."
"Trust me, I know. It's too fuckin' awkward right now."
She smiled a little. "Yeah, it is . . . but speaking of last night, I know it was partly my fault so I'm sorry for that."
"Ace, you don't have to apologize. It's not like I stopped it from happening and it was fucking amazing, it really was, but back to what you said before, it can't happen again."
"I'm glad we agree."
She stood up and searched for her jacket, but Poison saw the black and blue blotches on her neck.
"Fuck." He muttered.
"What's wrong?"
"Your neck's covered in hickies."
Her hand reached up to touch her neck, it felt a little sore, but she didn't think he'd left any bruises.
She looked around for a mirror to inspect the damage and found a small, shattered one in the corner of the room.
She thought he'd mean just a few little bruises, but she was wrong. Incredibly wrong. The bruises weren't all that small and there were lots of the purple blotches scattered on her neck.
"Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I don't even remember kissing your neck that much."
"Neither do I. I've not left any on you, right?"
She inspected his neck, only finding two little lovebites near his collarbone and one just under his ear.
"You've got three little ones."
He looked it the mirror. "That should be fine. I've had much worse. You can have my scarf to cover them up, by the way. If people saw them, they'd ask questions."
"Okay, thanks."
She tied Poison's scarf around her bruised and bitten neck until the damage was no longer visible.
She swiftly turned around, accidentally bumping into Poison.
He laughed slightly. "Careful."
She smiled back, blushing a little because of her clumsy move.

After a few hours of awkward silence, Kobra and Death picked up Acid and Poison in Acid's car.
The second Death's eyes locked with her sister's, she knew something was wrong. Acid had a look of guilt in her eyes, her arms were folded across her chest and her whole body language screamed she was extremely uncomfortable.
Death was dying to ask her what was wrong, what'd happened between her sister and Poison, but with both Poison and Kobra in the car, she gathered it wouldn't be the best the place to ask her.
Poison and Kobra temporarily left the car to attach the Trans Am to the back of Acid's car. While they were alone, Death took advantage.
"What happened?" She whispered.
Acid huffed. "I don't want to talk about it right now."
"But something happened, right?"
"Yes." Acid said bluntly.
"Just tell me what it is quick while they're distracted. Did you fight again?"
"Kinda, but that's not what I feel fucking dirty about."
Death eyed her sister up and down for a moment then noticed that Poison's bandana was wrapped around Acid's neck.
"Lexia, why are you wearing Poison's bandana?" Death asked wearily.
"No reason. I just want to." Her lie was awful and clearly fake. Her sister rarely wore bandanas. The last time she remembered Acid wearing one was when her neck was covered in hickies. Death put two and two together.
"Acid . . . You and Poison slept together last night, didn't you?"
Acid paused, almost ashamed of what'd happened the previous night. "I'm not fucking proud of it."
"Oh my god, seriously?! He's not seen Pheonix in a while so he decides he doesn't want to keep it in his pants."
"That really makes me feel less cheap and dirty, thanks Death." The sarcasm in her voice was rich.
"Why the fuck do you feel cheap and dirty?"
"Isn't in obvious? That was my first ever one night stand and I don't just fuck people like that. I'm not judging if anyone who does have one night stands, but fuck, I can't say how fucking weird and dirty I feel right now."
They were silenced when Kobra and Poison waltzed back into the car. Death sat next to her sister in the back of the car while Poison and Kobra stayed in the front. Death couldn't help but throw mental daggers at Poison with her eyes. He'd made her sister feel 'cheap and dirty', as Acid put it. While she understood Acid didn't stop Poison, anyone who made her flesh and blood feel like crap automatically earned death glares from her.
Once the glares had gone beyond scary, Acid nudged her then mouthed, "Cut it out."
Death rolled her eyes.
"So . . . Bandit missed you guys." Kobra attempted to break the atmosphere.
"Is she okay?"
"She's just fine. She's been hanging around Lo's kid, Willow, a lot lately."
"Willow seems like a sweet kid, but I kinda wish Lo'd just leave." Death answered them with her honest opinion.
"What? Why?" Poison was confused. Lo was a nice person, he thought Death liked her.
"Well, ever since she came back, Ghoul's been worried. We all know how much he loved her, but he's trying to move on with Violet. Having Lo around . . . I'm not sure if it's doing him any good." While Death spoke, her eyes were completely focused on her sister, making Acid feel like she was talking about her, Curse and Poison rather than Ghoul, Violet and Lo. "I mean, I want him to have whatever, or whoever, is gonna make him happy. But having said that, Violet seems better for him."
"I need to talk to him about this shit, he's not talking about it to us." Kobra confessed.
"He isn't?"
"No. Why, is what you just said what he told you?"
"Partly, Ghoul told me he still has feelings for Lo but he wants to be with Violet."
Acid never realized just how similar her situation with Poison and Curse was to Ghoul's situation with Violet and Lo. She made a mental note to talk to him later about it, she felt he'd understand where she was coming from and vice versa.

When they arrived back and the diner and after Acid and Poison spent a few hours with their daughter, Death managed to get her sister alone to really talk about what'd happened the previous night.
"Do you wanna talk about it?" Death asked Acid in Death's cramped and messy bedroom.
"I don't know. Right now, it just feels like I had some sort of weird dream last night and it didn't really happen. If I talk about it . . . I don't know if it'll feel more real."
"You don't have to, but if you want to, I'm here for you. You know I am."
She sighed. "I'm just confused. Some days,I think I know what I want. For instance, a few days ago I knew I wanted to be with Curse officially. Then stuff like this happens with Poison and fucks over what I want completely and replaces it with confusion."
"Do you love him?"
"Poison or Curse?"
"Both, I guess."
"I loved Poison. I loved him for a very long time. I don't know if some of that love is still alive. With Curse, I think there's potential for love in the future."
"You wanna know what I think?" She nodded. "I think you should stay clear of a relationship for the moment. You're very very obviously confused with your feelings for them. I say take a few steps back, clear your head then figure out what you want. I know I'm no relationship expert or anything, but that's what I'd do in your situation."
"Thank you." She hugged her sister tightly. "I love you, Death. I know my feelings are fucked up when it comes to romantic relationships, but how I feel for you and Bandit hasn't ever changed. I still love you both more than anything. You know that, right?"
"Of course I know that. I never forgot it, Ace. I love you."
"I love you too."
"Anyways, let's move on from this. I think we need to discuss how we're gonna get Andy into the Zones. He needs to get here soon, right?"
"Yeah, yeah. He does."

After Poison put his daughter to bed, he strolled into Ghoul's room and sat down on the mattress with him.
"We need to talk." Poison said.
Ghoul pretended to gasp, widening his eyes. "Uh-oh. 'We need to talk' never means a good thing. Wait you're . . . you're not breaking up with me. Are you breaking up with me, Poison?"
Poison chuckled. "I'm serious. I wanna talk."
"I'm all ears, buddy."
"Can you keep a secret?"
"I may have slept with Acid." Poison felt the weight from his shoulders being lifted as he confessed what he'd done.
Ghoul paused. "You're kidding me, right?"
"I wish I was."
"Y-you and Acid? I thought she was with Curse."
"They're not officially together, she doesn't know what she wants and I think I just fucked it up even more for her." Poison felt guilt running through him at the thought of both hurting and confusing her. He never intended on doing either of those things to her, they just got caught up in the heat of the moment together.
"So you're not together now?"
"No. It was a one time thing, but . . . I don't think I want it to be a one time thing."
"So you wanna get back together with her?"
"Yes and no. I want to be with her, I just don't want the complicated drama that always comes with it. I figured since you're kinda going through something similar with Violet and Lo, you could give some advice maybe?"
"Figure out what you want for sure. While I'm not sure if there are still some feelings for Lo, it doesn't matter to me if there are. Right now, I'm with Violet. I gave it a shot with Lo and it didn't work out. As far as I'm concerned, Lo's my past and Violet's my future."
"That was a little corny."
"Yeah, it really was." They both chuckled. "But seriously, you need to talk it out with her, you need to figure out what you both want."
He nodded. "Thanks, man. I appreciate it."
"Not a problem."
"So, how you holding up with the whole Lo thing?"
He nodded. "I'm dealing with it I guess. It's just awkward since Jeremy's really missed her and we both know she's probably not gonna stick around here for too long. I just don't want him to get too attached again then get hurt by it all later on."
"I understand. I was the exact same way when Acid first came back. I didn't want Bandit to get too attached in case Acid went back to how she was when she was working for Better Living."
He smiled. "God, where did it all go wrong? When did our love lives get so complicated, huh?"
"Around the same time our lives got fucking complicated."
He laughed. "I know Jet's been around Lo a lot."
"Yeah. They talked about Jessey for a while, but I think they're actually becoming genuine friends now."
"Doesn't he have a thing for Light from the Killjoy Bitches?"
"Yeah, he does. I've been trying to convince him to make a move, but he seems caught up in the past. Kinda like how I was."
"I'm pretty sure she likes him too. I'll get Blondie to find out for sure, then we'll plot how to get them together."
"Like the evil geniuses we are."
"Hey, why evil geniuses?"
"'Cause you never here someone say good geniuses. It's gotta be evil, man."
"True. Well, I'd better go. Bandit'll get pissed if she wakes up and I'm not there."
"You know, you're doing a great job with her. She's a good kid, Poison."
He smiled, knowing his daughter was an absolute angel. "I know she is. I just hope she's gonna get to live in a world with no Better Living again."
"We all do, Poison. We all do."
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