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The Blossoming of Providence

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Brendon gets a call from his good friend Dallon about working on some new music together. Brendon hasn't seen Dallon in years. Things do change as a new face is presented in the Weekes house.

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It's 9PM on a Sunday afternoon. I have nothing better to do than mess around with one of my acoustics.
"Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in a church where a wedding has been..."
And then, out of the blue, my phone rings.
"All the lonely people." I sing as I put my guitar down grab my phone, "Where do they all come from..." I answer the call.
"Yello?" I say.
"Hey, it's Dallon!"
"Hey!" I haven't talked to him in a while, "How've you been?"
"Pretty decent for the most part, I was wondering if you were interested in working on some new material with me."
"Yeah, that'd be awesome, dude!" Always a good time working with a man like him.
"Cool, think you could head over by around 6 today?"
I look at my watch, it's about 1. It's decided, "Yeah I think I can do that."
"It's going to be a span of 2 months, so I'm thinking you might be able to stick around?"
Dallon's house was definitely nice, yeah, I won't bother passing it up, "Okay sure!"
"I'll see you then!"
"Alright, bye."
Well this is going to be great. It's nice going away for a while... I haven't been doing much in the past few weeks.
A few hours pass and I successfully pack up everything. I estimate how long it will take to get there and manage to hit the road within a few minutes.
It's always nice catching up with old friends and producing some tracks.
When I finally arrive at his house, it's very familiar to me. The smell, sights, and sounds. It's the perfect package being able to work with him again.
I get out of my car and remove my luggage from the trunk. I walk up to the front of his house and proceed to ring the doorbell.
Not even 10 seconds pass before I see Dallon's face.
"Hey man." I say.
"Hey." He says. I briefly put my stuff down as he brings me in for a quick hug.
"Haven't seen you in a few years. Anything new?" I ask.
"Yeah, I've been setting some solid tracks down, but it's good that you're here filling in all the bits and pieces."
"Hell yeah man! Always a good time." I smile, because I am excited.
"C'mon in, you can leave your luggage by the door for now." He says as he leads me into his home. I then proceed to set my items down.
We make it into the kitchen.
"Coffee?" He asks.
"Sure!" I tell him.
"Ryan." Dallon calls out.
Ryan? I don't recall him. Maybe it's Dallon's new friend or something? Dallon then sits across from me and I question why he isn't preparing the coffee himself.
I then ask him, "Ryan?"
"Oh, yes almost forgot to introduce him to you."
Then I see a slim boy in a suit and tie... much too fancy for a simple evening. He has light brown hair that sticks up a bit as his bangs fall slightly across his eyes.
"Ryan, I would like you to meet our guest for the next 2 months, Brendon." Dallon says.
"A pleasure to meet you, Brendon." Ryan says. He gives off a slight smile and would it be wrong if I considered it a smirk?
This boy is as hot as hell.
"Please prepare us some coffee, Ryan." Dallon says.
"Yes, Mr. Weekes." Ryan replies to him.
He's a butler? Dallon must have gotten a lot of money selling his new music. I really wanted to ask Dallon where he found someone like Ryan. Then again I questioned how many people still did the whole 'Having a butler' thing. Dallon is very to himself most days. He never ceases to surprise me.
By the time Ryan gives us our coffee, I didn't want to come off rude. I never know how to act in front of people like this before, but I trust my instincts when I say,
He gives me a small... smirk? But no words. In an instant I want to know more about this mystery server. He definitely seems like a flirt. Of course, I wouldn't try anything. This is Dallon's butler.
Then Dallon's voice arises, "Let's get to it!"
As we leave the kitchen, I glance back at Ryan once more. He's looking at me. Suddenly it gets a little awkward.
I follow Dallon into the den. His computer is already set up.
"So, check out what I have so far, and then we can build on it!"
He plays the first track, and it sounds pretty good.
"So with this song, I think you should do some backing vocals." He says.
"Yeah definitely." I smile.
Today's a pretty good start.
By the time we finish editing my harmonies in, I see Ryan walk into the room. He's wearing a more casual outfit as he organizes some items on one of the shelves.
I see Dallon notice him, "Ryan, can you do that a little later, please. Brendon and I are still working."
Ryan stops what he's doing and says, "Yes, Mr. Weekes." And leaves the room.
We're almost done with the track anyway and- maybe... maybe I just want an excuse to glance at Ryan some more. It's not wrong viewing eye candy, whether or not he's my friend's butler.
"So what do you think of it?"
"Oh, uh, I think it definitely works."
"Awesome, awesome." Dallon replies, looking pleased at his work. Then he adds, "Well I'd say we'll call that an evening. Ryan took your stuff to the guest room already, I believe."
"Alright. I think I'll make myself comfortable first and maybe we could... watch some tv?" I say.
"Yeah that'll be nice." He says with a small smile.
I then make my way up stairs into the guest room. He's definitely changed a bit after his divorce with Breezy. All and all I'm glad he's doing something to take his mind off of all that.
As soon as I walk into the room, I see Ryan there. He's fixing the bed. I shouldn't be so startled, but I am. In that moment, I don't really know what to do, until he notices I'm in here.
He looks at me and gives me that same smirk again. It definitely seems as though he's mentally flirting with me.
"I put your stuff down by the bathroom door." He says before coming closer to me.
I shift over a bit, realizing I'm definitely blocking the doorway. He walks past me and starts heading down the hall. I really should avert my gaze... I really, really should. But then, he looks over his shoulder and bites his lip. I can tell he's just asking for trouble.
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