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Taking Into Interest

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By the time I go to bed and wake up the next morning, I fortunately don't have a dream about Ryan. Ever since yesterday I feel like I really shouldn't be involved with him. Not that I'm paranoid about it or anything. It's just utterly confusing. In the back of my mind I enjoy his presence, but it's a bad idea. He's just a bad idea. Why couldn't Dallon get a butler that didn't flirt with his guests?
As soon as I'm dressed, I head downstairs for breakfast. I see Dallon sitting at one of the chairs at the end of the table. He sees me:
"Good morning, Brendon."
"Morning." I reply, as I sit by him.
"So today the track that I'm thinking of working on is very busy including editing and adding items in. May take all day, hope that's okay with you."
"Sure sure!" Anything that will distract me from the man pouring juice in my glass at this very moment.
Ryan glances at me briefly with bedroom eyes. Oh please... stop.
I try to regain as much composure as possible and just try to scarf this all down quickly.

As soon as I finish eating, I follow Dallon into the den to work on the new track. When he plays what he has I notice there isn't much. Guess that's why I'm around. We start to add in vocals before anything else. Normally it would be the music, but building around it is something we both enjoy. After a while my mind wonders off. Pictures of Ryan in that damn suit and tie float through my head. The way he smirks, it's almost always too much. It's like he's politely asking me to have a taste of him.
"Wha.. hm?"
"Seems like you were spacing out. I'm asking if you think we should add more bass to it."
"Yeah... yeah that would work."
No more distractions.
By the time we get mostly finished with the track... I keep having questions about Ryan floating around my mind. Yeah well telling myself to have 'no more distractions' clearly ended in me thinking 'Where did he come from?'
I look around the room, before anything else, to see if Ryan is present. Thankfully he's not. I clear my throat briefly before asking, "So where'd you, uh, get such a fine butler?"
"Ryan? Oh yes well I was looking in the yellow pages and saw this article for personal butlers. He wasn't that oddly expensive either, but when I looked into it more, reviews said he was very good and generous."
"That's nice." And in that moment I decide not to bring up Ryan's constant flirting habits because maybe Dallon shouldn't know. Or maybe I shouldn't know. One is obviously more selfish than the other but coming to terms of it all.... I just don't want to speak up. And it's strange. Why I don't bother to talk about it... not that I like Ryan in any sort of way.
"Yes, it's very convenient to have someone like him around. Especially when I'm busy, he's extremely helpful."
"Mhm." I reply. And pretty sexual from the gestures.
When I finally call it an evening an hour or two before dinner, I go back into my room. I pick up some music related magazines and just flip through them for a while. The overall goal: try to distract myself. Pianos, guitars, Pink Floyd, The Who, not... Ryan.
For a few minutes it starts to help... but then I hear a knock at the door.
"Come in." I say in a confident voice at least pretending for a second that it isn't the person I think it's going to be.
I keep my eyes glued to the magazine, even though I can clearly see his figure in my peripheral vision.
"I have to set new towels in the bathroom." He says. His voice gives me chills. Just because it was dead silent a few minutes ago... not because he altered his voice in anyway. But if he did- I should just skip over that thought.
He definitely takes a while. Maybe I'm just noticing the time ticking by oh so slowly because I'm not paying attention to whatever the hell I'm reading about on electric guitars.
"Dinner will be ready in a short while." He says as he finally exits the bathroom.
"Alright." I say as my eyes then fall in his direction.
He looks at me briefly before shutting the door. No expression is played out... somehow I wanted there to be.
As soon as I come down to eat, any sort of conversation falls short between Dallon and me. Ryan doesn't look at me again, yet my eyes keep wondering in his direction. I guess this is playing a risky game, but what Dallon doesn't notice won't bug him.
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