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Yeah sorry not an update I'm a horrible person I know.

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Yeah, this isn't an update.
I have been kind of busy recently.
Not really though.
I dunno, Im gonna get back into writing though. I really wanna improve this year. I've been writing this fanfic for ages, and it's still not finished.
I was gonna make it into some super long story, but now I'm not so sure.
So, I think I'm gonna do two or three more chapters, then the story will be finished, and I'll go on to write other things, and more one shots and short stories. I miss writing, I used to do it every day, I couldn't function without it. It made me happy, it made me feel kind of different. Now, I'm feeling more down than ever. I think writing will help. I'm going to aim to write for at least ten minutes each day. And read for ten, too.
Actually, I might make up a timetable. Woah, getting all fancy, are we?

So yeah, how about two to three more chapters of this, and possibly a sequel some time in the future? I usually don't like writing sequels, but I'll certainly try it again.

xoxo Lauren
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