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You Survived.

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Yep sorry wrote kinda quickly I was in a writing mood okay. SHORT CHAPTER. Cliffhanger ish ending I N T E N D E D.

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The funeral was hard. Unbelievably hard. It's indescribable. Everyone gathers, wearing black, to make small talk and shed a few tears. It's a congregation. It's a ceremony of death. I didn't know most of the mourners. They seemed to know me, though. They would say things like, "Oh, Isabella, how you've grown!" or "What age are you now? Fifteen?! Almost sixteen?! I haven't seen you since you were a baby!"
It was horrible. I decided that I hated funerals. I had never been to one, and always thought that they seemed quite intriguing and strange. I left the church feeling quite disgusted. It felt like people had no respect. They were intruding into my private life. The whole day Jason stayed by my side, my polite companion, who did all the talking, while I stood there angry and numb.
That night, after the funeral, I stood in front of my posters, looking up at the shiny piece of metal taped to my MCR poster. I brought my finger up to touch it, but instantly shied away. The cool of the metal burned. It was like it was angry, after not being used for so long.
I stared defiantly at the blade, and whispered, "I'm stronger than you."
Mikey called later that night to see how I was doing, and apologised for not being able to attend the funeral.
"It's okay," I said. "I would have lost it if you had've shown up."
"You're not the only one that has to go through these things. Everyone loses someone at some point in their lives. Just remember, as morbid a thought as it is, some day, someone's going to lose you."
"Thanks, Mikey, for everything."
"No problem, kiddo. Glad to help. But how are you doing, erm, self harm wise?"
"Tell me," he said sternly.
"Fantastic!" I said with a smile in my voice, "I mean, I wanted to tonight, but Jason hid my blades, except one, which is taped to my MCR poster."
"That's amazing! I'm proud of you!"
"I am too!"
"You're going to make it through this," he said.
"Yeah..." I trailed off.
"Listen. You are Naren, you are my little Naren, and you are stronger than your problems. You're stronger than your fears and you're stronger than your weaknesses. You are Naren, and you survived. Oh, and I have some news for you."

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