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My Day.

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My Day. Self explanatory title.

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I think it was ten AM when my cousins came over and into my room. There, my cousin Amelia went complete utter fangirl over Kellin Poster. No, I'm not kidding. She took him off my wall and kissed it. Multiple times. Scary for an 8 year old to have .. those feelings.. for a.. however-year-old rockstar. And, Courtney (my six year old cousin) ripped my BVB poster. By accident, but I was like 'NOOOOOOOO!'. No joke. I freak when that happens. Right. So from now on I gotta hide my Kellin Poster.

First, we went to the Park. I woulda took my music but I had no where to put my phone. So I went without. I got bored.

After that we went to KFC. I had a snack box and toffee sundae ice-cream thing. With a pepsi. My 4 year old cousin Brandon kept dipping his chips into his drink. Coffee was spilt as we left, thanks to Amelia.

When we got home, we played in my room. Amelia knew where I hid Kellin Poster. Damn her. But, she didn't over-fangirl. We watched music videos by each of our 'boyfriends' bands. I had Vic. Well, Amelia took Kellin so I thought 'eh go for the Mexican. at least he's single.' and Courtney had Patrick Stump. We watched the Roger Rabbit video first, then Caraphernelia, where Courtney said 'Is that a girl singing?' and I was like 'Um no.' and then she said 'oh that is a guy!' and I was like -_-.

We took the dog out, and I had my music this time. It was boring at the baby Park, but at least I had music. We were walking home and saw a little baby Pug. Awh.

We got home and watched TV. I have a new CD player! I am playing Sempiternal from it. :) lifes good.

So. That's all that happened today.

On Thursday we're going to the cinema to see The Croods (animated film) in 3D AHHH! YAY! celebration
What? I'mma sucker for animated flicks. and popcorn. and sweets.

So, I'mma see if in a few weeks I can get more CDs. I want:

- I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love - My Chem.
- Collide With The Sky - Pierce The Veil.
- Let's Cheers To This - Sleeping With Sirens.
- Don't Panic - All Time Low.
- Paramore - Paramore.


I'll update my fics today. I've got the next three chapters of As Long As You're Here With Me planned out. But, I need to know something important for the end of chapter 12. I need to know who you want to be the baby's father. The candidates are:

- My Father.
- Kellin.
- Vic.

Alright so here is the form telling me who you want to be the Dad of possible baby.

Name Of Candidate:
Reason Why (detailed please):

Also, I need to know:

Gender Of Baby:
Name Of Baby:

I'd choose a name and gender for the kid but you know how I am at picking! I can't choose!

So. Go guys!

Also. Did you have a good day?
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