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Daily progress report, and other stuff, plus some humor.

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I started a new story today. It is called Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides. And, yes, it is a Pierce The Veil fanfiction, just in case you were wondering. I'm basing it off of Romeo and Juliet, because that was a cool Shakespeare story. This was basically the thought process of the story.

Me: Gonna start a new fic today, I think. But, what about?
Me: (thinks)
Me: It'll be a PTV (Pierce The Veil for those of you who don't understand the abbreviations of the name) fic. A romance.
Me: (more thinking)
Me: I could base it off of ASOTM, because that fic was awesome. (ASOTM - A Splitting Of The Mind. Frerard fic on Livejournal, everyone has pretty much read it.)
Me: (even more thinking)
Me: The name could be A Match Into Water.
Me: (even more thinking)
Me: No.
Me: (thinks)
Me: (snaps fingers) I GOT IT.
Me: Okay, so it'll be based off Romeo and Juliet. I just need a name..
Me: (more and more thinking)
Me: Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides? (thinks it over) YES.

So, that's how the beautiful creation of my PTV fic came to be.. I've written Chapter One so if you wanna read about this epic love story, check it out on my profile.


I would've written more stuff, but this morning my cousins came over and pulled me out of my room into light. Ugh, it was horrible. Nine hours away from my laptop. NINE.

But, I did read some fics today. They were:

Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back - ColorfulShadow
A Blog! - ColorfulShadow
Let me know that I've done wrong - cj-warner94
This Is A Blog! :) - Hozzie
Freak Like Me - XxxFallenAngelXxxx
The good die bad - cj-warner94
All good fics. Very good. Written by awesome-as-fuck people.

Also, I got that epic feeling of nostalgia after listening to The Black Parade today. Nostalgia. I forgot how sad Cancer was, and how heart wrenching Disenchanted was. I am literally listening to every single CD I own. They are:

Sempiternal - Bring Me The Horizon.
The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance.
Kerrang! The Album from 2002.

I do have a pop CD but I ain't listening to that.
Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!

So, all in all, pretty good day today.

hugs for Gem as he got fired today
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